Another letter to my unknown friend

I will say it again:


It is essential to stay with what is, the way it is. You can´t expect someone with high fever to deliver any intelligent answers or responses. Just stay…and listen inwardly…

In the midst of hardships, when you no longer have expectations, embracing what is, at some point you may hear that little sweet voice of the soul whispering “All is well”. Trust that!!
Healing happens inconspicuously when you let it happen almost with no interference from your side. You cannot find the right solution from your present perception.

Trusting the process, one day, without you realizing how it happened, you will see the whole situation from another perspective.

You see, I can understand that you are easily dismissive.
When it comes to inner healing, there are no standard methods to follow. Healing is each and everyone´s secret at the end of the day.
But help may come, usually from least expected persons or places. Ask your soul to recognize and acknowledge that help. Real help must feel like the clear water you receive when you are thirsty.

I wouldn´t dream of offering you “opinions” – to have an opinion is ultimately to judge. I feel no urge anymore to judge myself or – for that matter – anyone coming my way.

If you are not used to this kind of approach what I say now may seem rather strange: Just remember – the Separated Ego is and remains contradictory. This ego loves status quo, it never wants to change; by definition it loves turmoil, conflict, disease and suffering.

The voice of the soul has the power of “outwitting” this shallow entity called ego. When you stay with what is, in that silence, the soul can do its work, undisturbed by your will. It is an enduring process – have patience, a big journey starts with small steps.

Between the lines I hear your great potential – you are a gifted person. Going along with this process, learning to recognize your inner voice, may show you in due time, that you may have unimagined talents.

Pure light – the first cause

Once, someone told me this:

“Look to darkness through the eyes of light!”

Indeed, it is a good thing to remind oneself of this. But is this “light” a contrast to darkness? Can a opposite understand its counterpart? Hardly ever…

We have to quit this strife for “light” as this very quest can put us in even deeper darkness.

Once we identify this uncommon mechanism, we will embrace our darkness through the eyes of loving acceptance, and doing that, we move further towards the midpoint of our being, where opposites meet, where contrasts – darkness and light – annul each other.

There is the abode of the First Cause, the realms of Pure Light.