The more lucidity the bigger the pain

Now, does it mean that lack of lucidity exempts that person from pain?…
Most likely – not…

Are we then cursed to live in sorrow?…Or can pain ever cease?
It can…but that requires on one hand perfect lucidity, and on the other, that
lucidity – i.e intelligence – needs to be irrevocably abandoned.

The Most Important Question

Sometimes you come to the point where beyond the argument of deluded
self-importance, extravagance or bloated subjectivity, you simply know that the
current viewpoint promulgated by science or “spiritual” authority
 is “wrong”,
and you are “right”.

After all, there is no map to anything…

If you want to find out Who You Are and what Your True Destiny is about, you have to question Tradition and Societal Norm which are there to hinder, restrict and discourage you from finding yourself and what is right for you – your individual path.

Most people are never really “born” as they blindly follow the mainstream – “mainstream” meaning failure and perdition for individuality.

If you don´t wisely challenge and rebel against the present order, finding your most specific individualityyou are lost – you will miss the whole point with Life.

Can you thus assume the responsibility of knowing this, of trusting your inner voice and not the rational and dogmatic bunkum of conformity, even if that means derision, tribulation, humiliation and loneliness?

The price is huge, but BEING WHO YOU REALLY ARE IS HOMECOMING – the real answer to it all.


Can we recognize what we ask for?

Where does the answer come from? For sure, not from the expected sources, of course, if you are willing to admit this.

Searching for that wished for reality, distances us even more from what we want. We cannot find the well needed answer, in the same frame of mind and perspective from which the yearning arose. The answer, or solution, comes swiftly in most unexpected ways, when you are ready to receive it.

We have to learn to rely on the Unknown. The unknown is not a mere abstraction, it is the most sustainable reality, reality that our limited conditioning cannot grasp. Being caught in our conditioning, we won´t recognize the answer, even if it´s in front of us. The paradox is that the conditioning can speak in lofty terms about everything: love, freedom, different approaches to success, but invariably it creates only even more illusion, loneliness, procrastination, pain, all in all, castles in the air.

You just need to recognize conditioning as such, and remain in a state of actively passive observing. Staying and observing our conditioning, without trying escaping from it, creates a new type of perception:


Lucidity is another word for discovering the “Unknown”. In other words, being lucidly aware, you are prepared to fathom things differently, that is – from another angle and level of reality. Right perception,
or if you want – lucid perception – is the key to naturally solving “the problem”.

Linger with your wish, and see what the yearning is about. Ultimately, you are looking for yourself. When you are in touch with yourself, your most genuine feeling will attract whatever you wish for.

This is law.