The Magus

He had an otherworldly perfume. Such enchanting scent, reminding of sweet incense…
He stood beside me as I was smoking my cigar, and out of the blue he began talking to me. About vibrations, chanting, arcane music and archaic wisdom. How to still the brain with different sounds. But also about women and what a real relation entails…All in all, I couldn’t believe my ears. I had never seen the man before…
To give you a clue, an encounter reminding the one The Alchemist had when he met The King from Salem…
Such information he conveyed…I won’t say more…Except that the lofty scent he exuded still lingers in my nostrils…

The Quest Beyond Mind

One thing is highly obvious:

We are the slaves of our mind. The slaves of our conditioning. Mind as such is
our very conditioning, mind intrinsically meaning separation.

You cannot possibly solve any of your problems, as what we call “solution” creates and even enhances the already existent inward conflict, as conditioning cannot work upon itself.

Can you see that your Mind itself is the problem maker?… 

Mind cannot see anything clearly, as mind is fragmentation – whatever it considers,
is its constant projection. The essence of mind is thus illusory, it is by definition totally out of touch with reality.

This applies both individually and collectively.

When a number of deluded minds create at some point a certain reality-pattern,
this becomes in due time  “unquestionable”: tradition, law, belief and morality systems, religion and all kinds of must-s, and this – from the beginning – arbitrary deception, is invariably played out and imposed on you.

This is your very legacy transmitted through generations through your mother´s milk, and this heritage lies very deeply in your subconscious.

Being your identity, it is therefore an inhumanly arduous task to impartially see this immemorial conditioning as a vicious legacy, and eventually let go of it.

Only when mind stops, Reality makes itself known to you in its unadulterated splendour.

Presently, there are no longer any real enlightened masters on this planet to guide
you through and out of 
this vicious labyrinth.

You are on your own. Groping in the dark. The only help you can get in this quest, is your Inner Voice and certain initiatory sagas and myths. 

They will come your way, if you have the guts to initiate this process of finding
your true nature.

None of the existing “prophets” of today will tell you, but know that you will face innumerable ordeals along this journey, as archetypes and these inner energetic patterns have an autonomous existence, and they do everything in order to
sabotage and prevent you from your purpose.

Yes, this is the pathless path…

Only the courageous will make it.

Sometimes “wrong” is more right than “right”

Instead of Julien I had become Juliet. 🙂

He apologised.
He had written me an e-mail from his mobile and the phone stubbornly spelled
my name wrong.

I found this very amusing – in fact I had a very good laugh. Out of the blue I had become
a woman…a feminine archetype.

He felt obliged to explain himself as to this wrong spelling. “Right needs to be right”…

Is it really so, I was wondering…? Let´s ponder a moment: If “Right” is solely right,
then something inexpressibly essential is missing, it kind of gets limited and boring.

Sometimes “wrong” is more right than “right”. With other words:
If right is to be really Right, there has to be some degree of wrong or mistake of sorts permeating
this “right”. That makes it exciting, humanly true and alive…

So I think I´m going to change my name…at least for today 🙂

There is no magic pill

This post is written by someone who calls himself the Visionkeeper.

One of the greatest misunderstandings we must get beyond in this 3D world is our belief there is a magic pill for everything! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is NO magic pill. So many tend to sit and wait forever for something to come along to save them from whatever situation they find themselves in that they want out of. It does not work this way and it is a dangerous way to think in these times. Sitting and waiting could cost us our freedom or even our lives. There is no quick fix to anything life throws our way. It is the experience of going through a situation that we must go through to grow and expand. A mind that is given everything and does not search for more does not grow! There is no way for us to shift and expand our consciousness without the possible discomfort of changing our lives, period the end!

So why have we become a society that always wants the easy way out? It didn’t help to have a manipulative Government that gave us everything we wanted to keep its control. We need to look  closely at how we got this way. This way of being says of us that we are content to stay where we are and not learn anything new. What a fatalist way to think. It is like handing over the car keys of your life and saying “Here, you drive”. What? Have we plunged so far down we no longer even want to be in control of our own  lives? If so, how tragic, especially for the survival of humanity! How did we become so disengaged with life?

Apathy is the universal word for many these days. There is little fire in the soul, hunger for deeper knowledge, or desire to become the best we can be. We have become robots who get up everyday to go to work to keep the corporations rich and we come home tired and turn on the TV and drop out of life. That is the standard scenario of the average person worldwide. It breaks my heart to even think this is so. Far too many people are totally missing out on the magic of life. It can be found only by being present in our life, participating in it, consciously making decisions about it, experiencing it and hopefully enjoying it.

Today we see the effects of a society intentionally being dumbed down to keep control of it. A society of people so void of passion and feelings they find little value in becoming an active player in their lives! It is no wonder the light is struggling so hard to awaken the people, the desire to awaken is numb. It turned numb a long time ago as we handed over the keys to our kingdom and said “Here, you run it” while we sat back and waited for the magic pill to fix everything. Those of the light must continue to carry the weight of the sleeping ones for now and continue to stay awake and aware and try to manifest the new world as best we can.

We need be the example for others to follow and we also need to give people hope that there is a way for them to get out and be free as well. Everyone needs hope and everyone needs to feel joy again. It has been systematically stripped away from the people leaving them empty shells operating by command. We must all learn how to bring joy back into our lives for joy will reignite the desire to interact with life again. If we are happy and secure in who we are we will radiate that vibration out to all those around us and it will become contagious. As I keep saying over and over, joy is the answer to so many of the issues we are facing. We are finding the answers to our epic battle quickly now, we just have to use these tools to correct our path and move forward towards our final destination.

So we must get it clearly in your minds once and for all, there is NO magic pill, no way to avoid the inevitable and even more importantly, you shouldn’t want to avoid it all! This is living, this is being real, being authentic, being a part of the oneness of this beautiful universe. When that recent article came out by the CDC(center for disease control) about Zombies they knew exactly what the American people were being turned into! It is time to wake up. We have a choice and a decision to make, do we wish to live a full and happy life or would we rather remain a Zombie? Will you take the red pill or the blue pill or no pill at all and stay aware and awake and eager to dance with your life?

The most unusual piano lesson

Some years ago, I was supposed to give a piano lesson to a 11-years-old Swedish girl.

To make it short, we began to improvise something – she had never played piano before – and as she felt safe with me, belive it or not, she began playing!!! the most incredible peculiar song. Her improvisation sounded similar to Carmina Burana of Carl Orff – it was incredibly coherent piano playing, and, what was astounding is that she sang along in a langauge I HAD NEVER HEARD BEFORE! It was an eery combination of Latin and old Italian. It was unbelievable, it was like she was in trance…I could almost discern the words she sang…A sad story about a curse, a monster and a girl kidnaped…oh, if I had words to depict the curious and odd melody she was both murmuring and crying out…It was some kind of conjuration…I was enthralled and taken aback…

I told her narcissistic and fatuous mother about her daughter`s unusual talent, and she dismissed me with a distorted and idiotic smile, totally ignoring my words…

I don´t know what happened to that girl ever since…Never saw her again…

Think it over: how was it possible that a young girl with no connections to Italy was speaking that remarkably odd language? Where did it all come from?… Also considering that the girl had never played the piano before, how on earth could she start playing the most uncommon and complex melody?

How is one to explain that?…

A question

If we regain our knowledge that we are magicians and can create incredible reality, – which we already do, but in fearful ways – what are we going to create…?

We are all mad, and OUR MADNESS IS OUR WRONG PERCEPTION OF REALITY. Are we willing to look into and understand this insidious disease?

We have to dare put behind us all these prevalent false definitions and reducing concepts about WHO WE ARE, dare enhance our perception beyond name and limit, take a new step towards exploring this vast multitude of possibilities, and take back our birth right:


So I ask you sincerely:

Who are we beyond all these false names and definitions?

“No” doesn´t exist

There is no “negativity” in the Universe, as “there is not” doesn´t exist.
Negation is just a concept in our finite mind.

What exists is the Universal Field, an infinite number of possibilities. Thus, Negativity is the invention of Fear. Does fear exist as a possiblity in The Field?…

Fear seems to be the outcome of our human logic.

Ultimately,”NO ” DOESN´T EXIST. Isn´t this wonderful?

What exists is this inexpressible, mind-blowing, eternal YES…

Who are we really?

Life is more weird than your worst phantasy. It is unfathomable and totally unpredictable for reason and “daily approach”.

There are the ones who claim they know. And there are the ones who claim they don´t know.

The “don´t know-ers” are as ignorant as the “know-ers”. They are not aware that they
don´t know, even if they think they know or don´t know.

I am not playing with words and I say it again: both the ones who know and the ones who
don´t know, don´t know – as THEY IMPOSE THEIR OWN LIMIT.

The process of knowing would be something like this: “you know that you don´t know that you know”. It is mind-blowing and at first sight it makes absolutely no sense.

But again, Life makes no sense. Only in the sense of senselessness you may find some kind of sense.

If we were to remain only at a philosophical standpoint, what I say may be interesting, or not.

It´s not the point though, I am interested in the “pragmatic” aspect of these implications.

If you digest what I say above, you might get a glimpse that Life is more some kind of magical interlude than a story about “make-sense-ness”.

The real sage knows that consciousness is more similar to magic than anything. It means that “the Creator” of this world is more a Magician than a “God” 🙂

Nothing exists “as such”. Life is found in the following collocation:

Everything exists, is intertwined and doesn´t exist.

It both exists and doesn´t exist at the same time. Life “does does” exist and
“doesn´t doesn´t” exist. This is far-fetched isn´t it…? Or, to be “consequent”,
it “does – doesn´t – does” exist…:)

Or whatever different variations of simultaneous states of intermingling “being-unbeing”.

In this huge Cosmical Drama our human logic or non-logic doesn´t mean a thing…

There are forces, a multitude of entities, interchanging realities, chaotic and yet compensating energy flows that are in motion every second.

Remember?… “it is – it isn´t – is”,
“it is not – it is – it is not not, it is yes not – it is not yes yes”…

Life is a series of absolute “crazy” sequences. These sequences keep this Universe together.

We are all magicians but we have forgotten that…

We are stuck in ” I am – you are”…”I am not – you are”, “why are you and not me”,” this is that but not that”, and so forth…

To make it short, it´s not the point who I am or who You are, the vital point is WHO ARE WE BETWEEN THE LINES…? Who are we beyond form? Who are we in an enhanced energetic version of ourselves…?

If we regain our knowledge that we are magicians and can create incredible reality, (which we already do, but in fearful ways) – what are we going to create…?

Our present way of relating to life is pure insanity. Our Reason is diseased, and as such it is an insult to ourselves and this incredible Universe.

We have to realize that our Reason is Fear, and that LIVING IN FEAR IS MADNESS.

We are mad – only by confronting this fact healing is possible.

We have to dare to say good-bye to different definitions and reducing concepts of Life, to dare enhance our perception beyond name and limit, to explore this vast multitude of possibilities, and take back our birth right: