Later can be fatal

Some days ago sitting at my favorite cafe, a friend came to my table with her father.

Utterly surreal, absurd and terrifying:
The guy took a nut and choked. Such heartbreaking agony. The ambulance came, the paramedic did his best to help out but guess what: the poor man died on the spot. Absolutely stupefying.

The moral of this?

Give up all meaningless mind games! All procrastination. All inane manipulation. Fuck “later”. Life is utterly frail and unpredictable:


We take manipulation for Love

Nobody tells you what is acceptable and what is not. We often stick with the unacceptable, manipulating and allowing ourselves to be manipulated, because we have no clue as to what means to be unconditionally seen and loved.

The fact is that we are afriad to be lonely. But if we are afriad to be lonely later on, it means of course that we are lonely now. That our precious longing is not presently met by the other.

Really: I don´t know if it´s worse to be lonely with someone, or be lonely being by yourself.

Surely the first…

Their ticket to destroy is your fear

“As long as enough people can be frightened, then all people can be ruled.
That is how it works in a democratic system and mass fear becomes
the ticket to destroy rights across the board.”

– James Bovard

Beware of frustrated people

There are people who bring up your more embarrassing moments when they feel like you’re getting “too confident” because, God forbid, you threaten their dominance.

This quote is so good and I recognize it from personal experience:

I once had a “friend” like that, such a pompous bastard.

Secretly he wanted to be a musician but realized he had no real talent for that…He eventually became a therapist in psychosynthesis. So being jealous of my musical and other artistic skills, this frustrated man would do everything to keep me down, playing superior, manipulating me through guilt and bad conscience.

I WAS SO ASHAMED OF HIS SHAMELESS INTRUSIONS IN MY LIFE…Yet, throughout many years, due to the fact of being rather lost and lonely in Sweden, never really having had the chance before to know what true friendship is about, I was putting up with this guy´s subtle or gross abuse, hoping that sooner or later, he would become a better man. 

Such a delusion. Alas…- I was so gullible.

It´s a bitter fact but, with few exceptions, people never “improve”- they never change,
remaining the same 
throughout their whole life.

Thanks God, I understood this truth eventually, and stopped any contact with this man…

The question is:

That´s the problem with people with low self-esteem – and they are not few in this
world – they feel urged to dominate you in order to compensate their lack of talent and self-worth.

What´s behind it all?

Sometimes when you see all these latest high technological  innovations everywhere, you kind of get stuck in abysmal awe…

As never before, it is imperative to try to understand and formulate  the “why-s” behind everything we have created. What distorted Idea and misconception have given rise to this “present reality” where soulless devices seem to replace our humanity, where machine becomes more intelligent than us…?

Why have we resented and renounced our humanity, letting “progress” compensate our loss of soul…?


Can it be so that ultimately WE ARE AFRAID TO SEE WHO WE REALLY ARE…? Afraid of our innermost nature? Eventually, is it all about our fear of life…?

It is ripe time to ask these vital questions:

Is Fear and the idea of Fear which lies behind it all?…What is the purpose and meaning behind all our endeavours…? What is the point of everything we have created…?

This is not “philosophy” – just give it a thought, it is that simple:

Without “why” there is no “what”. We have dissociated ourselves from our “why-s”. It´s always the WHY we´re fleeing from.

Can we stay a while and consider together these questions lucidly?

Unless we come out of our lethargic dream, raising the right questions, having the guts to re-consider and challenge everything in-depth, REGAINING AND REDEFINING OUR REAL HUMANITY, well…– bad news:

We are heading with big steps towards a society based on control, manipulation, and total deprivation of individual freedom. Still, we can stop this mad dream, and start creating something else.

The question is:

Are you going to stay in Fear or dare see beyond it…?

To control is not to love

Due to our being insecure, we always strive to feel safe, trying hard to possess, control and manipulate. But isn´t it so, the more we try to control a thing, the more it flees from our grip.

In fact, we don´t really love what we control. It´s a hard one. The more you try to feel safe, the more life will baffle and disappoint you.

Trying to possess is to deprive both the other and yourself of freedom. Nobody wants really to be possessed or controlled. And yet… due to fear, being used to false relation and manipulation, people – many times – , don´t even recognize freedom. How could they, as what they mainly know is to condition…?

In fact, if you don´t try to possess or be possessed, manipulate or let yourself be manipulated, you can easily end up being by yourself. Freedom can be a great menace,
can´t it…?


Nothing lasts forever – no structure, no system, no ideas. Authority doesn´t want you to know that, cause, they are there because of your cowardice, your insecurity and fear. They want you scared, doubtful and dumb…

If you understand that all structures are an outcome of sheer manipulation – as freedom has no object, no notion –  and ideas are in fact just an instrument for exercising power, then you are free. You start taking back your own dignity, and no authority can exist anymore.