Watch out for them

Narcissists are enchanting, until they are not. Woe betide you if you let yourself be drawn into their snare:
There is no measure as to their callousness, cruelty and recklessness once they hook you.They take a malicious pleasure to inflict suffering and misery in subtle or vehement ways. It´s very hard to trace them though, because they are incredible masters in faking emotion.

Unless you are a masochist wanting a rollercoaster life, living mostly in the abyss of their emotional absence, you should never choose a narcissist for a friend or love partner.

Twisted jerk mentality

If something works seamlessly and gracefully
there´s got to be something wrong.

“It´s too easy.
No resistance, no effort, no struggle…
For sure it´s not worth having…”
they think!


You have turned this beautiful world into a nightmare,
moulded after your unbearable mediocrity and
masochistic dreams.