Disunity and isolation – the greatest Illusion of them all

The body itself, the flesh and blood of us, wants lots of things, food, warmth,,,then the ego individual of us wants recognition, comfort, status, in short whatever feels good…… but if there is a part of us that says, “all fine and good, and even necessary, but is there not more?” then things become shaky and uncomfortable.

I think depressions, addictions and such, either come from the ego who is not satisfied with ego wanting, or it can also come from the spirit of a person who is searching for more than ego satisfactions, in other words a soul who seeks a meaning to life itself, asks the big questions, …..like what is that spark of consciousness who is conscious of itself and yet feels so isolated? Longing for a greater unity?

The point is:

WHO in us feels isolated?…How come we feel isolated in a Universe which is anything but “isolated”…? This Isolation we feel, is it true…? Or eventually Isolation is Fear – this terrible illusion which is taken for true by millions of people.

This Illusion of isolation is the terrible dream of disunity,
of Unhappiness
– can you see that?

Think it over:

Who is uncomfortable, who in us wants “more”… is there such thing as “more” when you are at ease, completely present and absorbed in What is? – that is, when you are Unity, at one with all there is?

Can you see that this entity who dreams the dream of Isolation is Ego…?

All depressions, addictions, satisfaction-craving, entitlement-issues is Ego – dissatisfaction remaining dissatisfied no matter what…

There is meaning-seeking as long there is Ego…- that because Ego as such is a total failure, spooky meaninglessness ultimately.

It is Ego asking “the big questions”, whereas in reality from the perspective of Self, of the true Spirit, there are no questions – because:

WHO is there to ask? And who is there to answer…?

What is your heart-meaning?

You cannot “think” your purpose and your specific meaning in your life. Meaning is “delivered” through your heart. Meaning is consequently a matter of feeling. Only when you are in contact with your true emotion – your particular Meaning -, life makes sense.

Meaning cannot be sought in Things, in the exterior world. Of course you can seek It there, but sooner or later, you won’t find anything but deception and disappointment. Unfortunately, that´s what most people do: they solely search for meaning outside themselves. They define their life, through doing and through possession: my hardly acquired position, my hardly acquired beautiful and expensive wife :P, my hardly acquired self-image…But what happens when they lose the wife, job or position?…

If you take a close look at people, you will realize something very basic: in their crazy race for “more”, they all are looking for themselves. There are two things they are hardly seeking for: Happiness and Meaning. Nay, there is ONLY ONE THING, namely, they insanely struggle for MEANING. Because when you are in touch with meaning, you are happy!

Ultimately, the satisfaction they all are chasing, is in fact the contentment of being in touch with meaning, with Being. Sadly, most humans don´t know this, no one told them…

THIS CONTENTMENT IS NOT A RESULT of whatever action – as they think -, BUT THE STARTING POINT. To learn to be at ease NOW…

Cause when you feel meaning, like small children do, a sip of clear water will fill you with gratitude, whatever gesture makes you happy, whatever you do, you do with joy, in short, you no longer are greedily chasing things, as you won´t take your possessions for your identity. Feeling your real meaning and identity, makes your eyes open and you will find your place in this world, with the right job, partner, friends…

This is the most vital and precious question for each one of us now.

If you don´t know who you are, you can´t possibly know what your specific meaning is. Or vice versa: If you don´t know what your meaning is, you don´t know who you are. From this perspective, you can see clearly that our howling unhappiness, is the outcome of not finding the appropriate place within and in this world.
This mad search for identity and meaning, our failing to recognize who we really are, is the biggest issue…



The ultimate meaning in life

Only the idea of separation sponsors the thought that we can search for ourselves.

I am “this” but try to become “that”. Separation is the distance between “the one I am now” and “the other” I am hardly trying to become; this idea is the beginning of all pain and inner conflict.

I am not satisfied with me now, so I’m looking for myself. This search presupposes the idea of  time, right? But we cannot find ourselves “”in” or “through” time, but through IMMEDIATE FEELING AND ACCEPTING  OF WHAT IT IS, AND WHAT WE ARE NOW, in this very moment.

I repeat:

Time is the distance between you now, and the “better” version of yourself in the “future”, some kind of ideal self. This “ideal-self” is pure escapism, as it exists only on an imaginary level.

Without the idea of ​​distance between “different” aspects of yourself, Time  would not exist. If there is no time, there would be no suffering, or vice versa, if suffering didn´t exist, there wouldn´t be any time either, don´t you agree?

I  take it again: Suffering exists only in time, as Time is separation. Confront your problems now, cause by trying to escape problems, you create Time.

If you understand this mechanism, you will give up the idea of ​​ looking for yourself. The thing you call Ideal is a chimera. “The Ideal” is You, now!!…exactly the way you are.

When search ends, you will experience quite a huge turmoil and confusion. In due time, step by step, learning to live with what is, you will know beyond doubt that immediate Feeling is the key…

Feeling is the direct contact between your soul and you.

Life is Now, there is nothing to postpone. Being alive, embracing and fully confronting fully What is, is the ultimate meaning of life.

And this has unimaginable implications.