What difference does it really make?

Writing or not writing…?

Sometimes it´s really painful to realize that whatever I write
makes no real difference.


It is meaningless to write, but it is even more meaningless Not to write.

Meaning Is Implicit Relation

Ego can never have a genuine relation to anything really.

How can it, when practically, Ego´s essence is built on defense and attack?
It is – and defines itself through – limit.
It constantly raises and hides behind thick walls.

Subsequently, you can´t possibly find Meaning at an egotic level.

Just know:


The whole book is in the title

A Mirror in the land of the Mirror-less.

Meaning is knowledge

Cornelius Agrippa says:

I think the question of what God is, is related to the question of who we are. That has to be
a practical question.
I think our lives are meaningless except to the extent that we give them meaning. That has to start on a
small-scale – in the moment-to-moment things we do and in each interaction with another human being and even to details like how we wash a cup or sweep a floor.


Life, real life, is Meaning felt each moment.

In that immediate “knowledge” every single detail makes sense – like seeping the floor or washing the coffee cup.

The same goes for human interaction. If there is reciprocal meaning, there will be communion too. Participation in Sense…

Unfortunately, the sum of people´s life – society today – feels devoid of meaning. And due to this absence of meaning in interpersonal connexion, – absence of both individual and collective relation to Self – we have this hollow age, which obviously cannot offer anything beyond its limited pragmatism.

Pragmatism without metaphysical connection leads inevitably to nihilism.

And there can never be any Sense in Naught…

About meaning and purpose

I will re-post this as it really makes sense:


Meaning, The Mirror of Now

What is this thing called Future?… It is hope, fear, expectation, doubt, uncertainty, frustration… In short, future is ideal and fear of ideal. Will it happen, will it not…?”, “what happens next?”, “what´s the next step, how shall I proceed with this or that?”

I won´t induce in philosophical speculation, I just wonder: What if future didn´t exist? What would happen if we took a healthy choice and eliminate “future” at least for a while…?

The consequence of this would be unimaginable: If there is no future there would be no ideal either. No ideal – no fear.

Yes, future means basically projection, doens´t it?…No future – no fear – no projection. What is projection? Projection means that we give ourselves away. We give our force away, our hopes, vitality, strength and fears to something uncertain basically.  What if we took home all projections, projecting them on this very moment…? For sure, we would retrieve ourselves in this very second…- we would start being real, being exactly how we are.

WE HAVE INVENTED THE FUTURE BECAUSE WE FEAR THIS MOMENT! Our fear to find out what or who we are, has become “future”. There is no future! Future is fear!

When we let go of the fear, future and projection, we begin to perceive Now in unfathomable ways – this present moment will start reveal a beauty, mystery and richness beyond measure. Every single thing will mean something. You will start having a right relation both to yourself and with things around you. You start perceiving YOUR INTRINSIC MEANING. Your immediate perception of your specific meaning is your greatest asset, your richness. You will find peace. Clarity. You will do less but achieve more.

Have you ever wondered why people are so greedy and poor inside always going around complaining?…Because their life usually is devoid of sense. They irretrievably look for meaning and fulfillment in the future… But Meaning never resides in the future…Only fear does…

We never live in the future, we live now, don´t we…? Only Now knows the secret of Our Meaning. Meaning means Fulfillment.

About the urgency of finding your specific meaning

Loss of meaning is the worst disease on the individual and collective basis.

Loss of meaning is worse than death.

Subsequently, to try to come to grips and uncover YOUR SPECIFIC MEANING AND PURPOSE is the most vital task you are facing.

Sense is not something you will find tomorrow or whenever, it is the urgency of this very moment. Doing something inertially without really knowing why, is totally inappropriate and inane; you cannot know what sanity and inner fulfillment are about, unless you come to terms with your personal call in this life.

You will never have Peace unless you fulfill the meaning and destination of your Now!

So instead of engaging in plenty of superfluous actions, try to find out what makes your heart sing, what makes you feel real, vibrant and alive!

A fantastic feedback

You may read this in my “About” section. I found Steve´s words so incredibly meaningful so here is what he says along with my response to him:

“A WordPress search on the word “joy” is what brought me to your blog and I enjoyed the post on joy that you published on 7/3/12. It is the following statement on your “About” page that will keep me following your work.

“This blog is not about interesting concepts… it is about participation…togetherness…finding new solutions, inspiration to live a richer life.”

I am all in for all of these! I will continue to follow your blog and participate whenever meaningful. Thank you for what you are doing.”

My response:

I am very grateful for your kind feed back, literally, it means a lot, metaphorically, it is invaluable for two reasons:

For the first, if Joy was the pointer to Mirrors of Encounters, well, it means that I am following the right track.
For the second, I was kind of insecure when it comes to this particular post, as I loved it, but due to its “simpleness”, I didn´t know whether it made sense to someone else.

Hope not to let you down, as many times I write about things we find rather awkward to look at and accept. We also have to dare looking deeply into the realms of the insidious and the obscure, before Joy – the light of all lights – can unleash itself in all its resplendence.

My main pursuit in life is Meaning, Stringency is my favorite key word. Sometimes I manage to create synthesis, sometimes not.

It is here where participation is so valuable, cause sincere and straight dialogue put us back on the right track.

Thank you again for your words!

Digging deep

A successful recruitment means digging deep and finding what gives people their life meaning. It is helping that person explore their choices in life so they can make better decisions.

By encouraging people to be truthful about their dreams and goals in life, I empowered them to change direction so they would be moving toward something that had true meaning for them.

LaRae Qui

The key to all there is – energy

Energy is Incessant Flow. Movement. Timeless and Eternal movement. Energy is the key to all there is. You can talk about it, but the vital thing is whether you feel it or not. Most people don´t, as civilization has cheated them, depriving them deliberately of this contact.

Your body and soul vibrate in the same music when energy is flowing. Thus, Flow is unity, unity makes all different parts vibrate in unison. This Unity is Harmony, it is Health,
well-functioning. It´s when different voices don´t fight each other, but swiftly sing and dance together in the same harmony. You might not know that the word Symphony comes from the Greek word συμφωνώ (symphono) which means to agree, to attune. Isn´t this fantastic?

Beauty is therefore harmony, a felt vibration not a mere word, beauty permeates and regulates the whole Universal Body.

When you feel Energy you can feel immediately enthusiasm. Enthusiasm means literally to breath in God…

Chaos is thus absence of unity. Chaos is when all parts or aspects are at war with each other. Chaos creates dissonance, senselessness, disease. Senselessness is disharmony, non feeling, frustration.

Chaos being dissonant, is ugly. Ugliness is the absence of harmony and unity. Chaos is absence, chaos is non feeling. Chaos at its worst is symbolic and physical Death.

Be aware, Whatever promise that makes you not feel Joy Now is nothing…Joy is timeless, meaning that if something is real, it is real because it creates Joy both now or whenever. Source is never conditioned by our measure of time. TIME HAS BEEN INVENTED AS A MEASURE OF CONTROL, remember that!

Energy means joy, when you feel joy you feel meaning, joy and meaning together convey right action cause you begin to feel when it´s the moment to act, right and joyful action is success. SUCCESS IS EXPRESSED JOY AND FREEDOM. Whoever tells you that success is hard work, is an impostor.


Learn to discern and recognize What gives energy and what deprives you of energy. Learn to recognize the ones who give you energy, cause those love you. Those who take and deprive you of energy those are your worst enemies – get rid of them immediately cause in the worst cases, loss of energy means even death. I know what I am talking about.

Without energy we are nothing. Nothing. What we have been taught by education – to compensate frustration through action, to rely on effort without energy – , is a total sham which brings only affliction and misfortune.
Without this energy we are like a fantastic device that we can´t use. Only this energy makes us real.

This energy creates real money. Money are supposed to mean sense and value. Money you haven´t earned through joy and meaningful dedication don´t bring any real benefit. Ask me – I know incredibly wealthy people whose life is a disastrous mess. Contrariwise, one dollar made in love can be the price to incredible happiness.

When you feel Meaning (energy) you act effortlessly, you attract all blessings. Where there is energy there is life. Source is Life, you feel its breath, Source is the wind, we are the surfers. Be vigilant and steady, learn to remain in joyful balance on the waves of life!