As long as we are untruthful to ourselves hurting ourselves, we are hurting the others, transgressing the laws of Love

Do you ever feel as though you are all on your own and there is nobody to help you?

Just how I have been feeling lately… irritated, trapped. Yet I am not on my own – partner, family, friends… so how can I be feeling ‘on my own’? Is it selfishness? In wanting to ‘break free’ to scream, lash out, rage, am I doing disservice to my family? Is it selfish to feel this way? Or is it – perhaps – enlightened? To admit these feelings, to own them, to feel the truth of them?
Everything around me irritates me – the shops with their useless shinies designed only to part us from money; the passing conversations of those fallen/falling prey to such consumption; the tv ads, the little cliques of mothers…
All is Illusion. How does one deal with knowing illusion, when all others still see nothing but the illusion?


We are afraid to fully admit how lonely we are. We are horrified to get evidence for what we already know, that´s why we don´t express the truth.

Do you feel “on your own”?…No one but you can answer that. There is no other way than plunging into this very question.

Ask yourself that: Does choking your natural emotions bring any benefit to those near you?

It is not in the least “selfish” to express your spontaneous truth. The risk is huge though to stand for yourself, as those around us cannot engage in an intimate and meaningful dialogue, and they usually sanction and demean us for being honest. They will discard us exactly just the way they were once discarded.

In my case, every time I try to speak with my girl-friend about impending matters, she raises the voice, making me feel guilty for posing those questions.
If we split, I am afraid to feel even more lonely. But this is sheer self-delusion,
as I am already on my own, as she cannot take the truth of who I really am.

Everybody is unfolding his agenda. There is no real contact, because the only thing we know is to lie to ourselves, to be in constant fear of the consequence of openly stating our truth.

What kind of true relation can we speak about, as we irretrievably hide ourselves?…

So again:

In not breaking free, not lashing out, not letting out your rage, you are above all doing a disservice to your Self. And as long as you hurt yourself, you hurt those near you.

So it is not selfish but really enlightened to admit these feelings, to own them,
to feel the truth of them.

To not be really alive, to constantly hide our potential, frustrating ourselves of our natural urge indulging in a self-demeaning role, is highly upsetting. How can you be other than irritated?

You are tired of everything around because all people around are engaged in the same phony masquerade.

As to your last question: “How does one deal with knowing illusion, when all others still see nothing but the illusion?”

Don´t “deal” because trying to deal you reinforce the distance between you and what you feel urged to do. You – like me – are very near a burst. It will come…resisting it, means disease.

To confront those around us may create a more truthful contact, or a final rupture. We don´t know, but the risk is worth taking. Otherwise we will indulge in an insidiously dark and mediocre existence.

I repeat: as long as we are untruthful to ourselves, hurting ourselves, we are hurting the others, transgressing the laws of Love.

A reminder

The purpose of this so-called blog is unrestrained meaningful dialogue, and as a consequence of this dialogue, longed-for Solutions may arise.

We are here to talk about things that previously we had no words for.

Hopefully we can heed one another, and through articulating what feels wrong,
we can help each other recover from the malaise of this present age.

We can learn to listen to each other in a new, reciprocally beneficial way,
backing each other, learning a new vocabulary of a new,
hitherto unknown and unallowed togetherness.

Do we possess our ideas, or Ideas possess us…?

Where do our ideas about Life and ourselves originate from? Whose dire propaganda are we still swallowing? Really, how substantial are our ideas…? How come we allow them to steer us unconditionally…?

What hypnotising power do our ideas exert on us, keeping us in such a fierce grip, so that regardless of the conspicuously impending state of things, we´re scared to question them?

Hence, how can our conditioned Idea ever grasp clearly whatever given Truth, as long as “truth” is stubbornly seen as a preferential illusion?

“By their fruits you shall know them” applies to thoughts as well as people.
No matter what we discuss, no matter how anyone feels about it, there is a (one) truth to it… just as there is only One.
Since writing this post I’ve come to point where I must ask — does it matter where our ideas originate? Or how real they are? Today I think not. What matters is what these ideas bring about… and this, to me, is all the more important considering our current plight.
So for me enlightenment is good – so long as it is good. Awakening is also good. Discussions that enable and promote these are good. Counting the number of angels on a pin is a waste.
But I must add that I often just “don’t get it”.

What is “today” when it comes to thousands of years of timeless conditioning…? Yes, conditioning is “real”, our present plight IS THIS CONDITIONING. Whatever “good” a conditioned mind tries to bring about is nothing but the same misfortune…on and on and on…

Discussions are good but as long as we fail to see the gravity of this truth, nothing real will change, other than indulging in inane wishful thinking…

Awakening cannot possibly happen unless we find a way of lucidly questioning and thoroughly understanding this predicament – our timeless conditioning. This very comprehension will naturally bring about this vital switch of consciousness.

Of course Julien, this is what is known as ‘seeing through the veil’ or what I (in different places in this blog) call seeing the insanity and getting sane.
And of course until each individual freely manages to do this (be awakened, enlightened, or healed) there will be problems.
And I agree that ‘lucid understanding’ is the key.
Thank you for reminding me.
But to be honest, I guess I’m having a hard time understanding the tone of your voice.

A meaningful dialogue


“I found your blog ” by chance” – valuable things somehow find me. That is why, when something catches my interest, it is not a question of having or not having “time” – I just follow the energy,
like tossing the ball back – we can play tennis on our own, but it is more fun if someone sends the ball back.

Truth and Value create the right kind of swift play, and in this playfulness
there is no winner or loser – hopefully it is a mutual inspiration and participation.

Looking forward to getting to know more of your spiritual quest.”


I love how you put it that “it is not a question of having or not having “time”. – I just follow the energy, like tossing the ball back – we can play tennis on our own, but it is more fun if someone sends the ball back.”
I resonate with those words, it’s true that when we are aware & we follow the energy it lights our way, always leading us to the things, people or places that we need at that moment. Whether the reason is apparent to us at the moment or not; following the energy always leads us the right places at the right time.

I’ve been exploring your blog & I must share that I enjoy your writing. There is love & wisdom that come across with every word you allow to come through you and that you share with us. I feel that life is about our self-growth working within to experience “Heaven on Earth”; lifting the veil and understanding the truth of who we are and thus sharing it others in hopes to help them heal & get to their own truth. I love connecting, sharing and learning from others… We could do so much more & achieve all that we desire if we all came together more times than not, supporting one another, sharing with each other, removing the need for judgment & accepting that we are all connected and what affects one eventually will affect the collective.”

If you want to read her blog, here it is:

Leave my laziness alone

– I read your post, interesting…

– I am glad. What exactly did you find interesting?

– Everything.

I told her to be more specific, trying to make a meaningful dialogue for both of us. She said no more. I felt she was angry for having asked her to be more nuanced. Indeed, to make the effort to think and differentiate hurts…


“Don´t make me think cause I´ll punish you!”