It is always the interpretation of a situation that gives it meaning

“I put the meaning, is it meaningless?” – he asks

Neti-neti as they say…neither this, nor that…

Give it a thought…or better yet, a non thought:

Can meaning or meaninglessness exist if No One is there to consider…?

Can you venture – at least for a little while – to simply refrain from ascribing any meaning or meaninglessness to whatever thing or situation…?

Sometimes I will be fulfiled

No wonder life feels hollow and hard, when we project `Meaning´ sometimes in the future. We can´t dissociate Meaning from Here and Now because it would be as crazy as
to say `I will breathe sometimes tomorrow´.

And yet, that´s what we do: we derive our sense of fulfillment from Living Tomorrow, which is a clear symptom that our lives are rather shallow and meaningless today.