Evening lull

The relentless cathedral
silently watches

I am silent too

The soothing breeze
brings in the Night…

Meditation, not all bliss and roses

 A very common misunderstanding about meditation that can lead to discouragement is that it’s supposed to be all bliss and roses. That is simply not the case on the ground, so to speak.

Sometimes meditation is about being with the dark and ugly and anxious parts of our being too. Meditation is about being with the whole spectrum of human psyche and emotion. We cannot know ourselves without becoming intimate with those parts too.That means it’s just not always fun or peaceful or calm to practice meditation. Though it can lead to all those things in time. It can help us learn to live more skillfully in general.

– En excerpt from Monica Cassani´s post

When Fear dies Truth arises

Thomas Ross:
I’ve been thinking a lot about fear.

Someone told me that when you open yourself to the truth, the truth of who you are,
there can be no fear. I think of the Tao passage –  when you hold nothing back from life,
you become ready for death. No fear.

As I said, IDEA – thinking – is fear. Of course we can think or meditate about fear,
but in most cases, our pondering enhances fear.

It´s a very insidious process.

What is “Truth”? I am not merely playing with words here:
What do we really know about truth?

Truth for most of us is a “negative” or “positive” projection, isn´t it so…?

“Holding nothing back from life” is surrender. Surrender to the fact that
we don´t know. Eventually it´s an act of “faith” – it is the immediate grasping
of the fact that thinking can neither “seize” nor convey the truth.

Idea must die – that´s what is meant with “you become ready for death”.
When Idea dies, Projection dies, and Fear along with it; and then, and only then,
Truth can arise.

Now, for most of us, this is the hardest thing to fathom as our identity is basically
an Idea,

Letting go of our Ideas – which are eventually only misconceptions – it feels like dying.
What do we have left then…?

Many people prefer to die physically, than confronting this giving up on ideas – that
regarding the immense difficulty of facing “the ultimate predicament” – letting go
of “identity”.

So…Only when Idea dies, Fear withers along with it, and Truth naturally emerges.

Have you got it?

Krishnamurti talking about meditation:

It is like looking at a flower and smelling the flower. The flower is there, the beauty, the color, the loveliness of it. You look at it and pick it up and begin to tear it to pieces. And you do the same when you listen to the statement that in awareness, in attention, there is no observer, that if the observer is, then you have the problem of choice, conflict.

You hear that statement and the immediate reaction of the mind is, “How am I to do it?” So you are more concerned with the action of what to do about that statement than with actually listening to it. If you listen to it completely, then you are breathing the perfume, the truth of it. AND THE PERFUME, THE TRUTH, ACTS, not the “me”, that is struggling to act rightly. Have you got it?

Courtesy of Tomas (heartflow2013.wordpress.com)

Meditation and not thinking

Commenting my post https://julienmatei.com/2012/10/09/happiness-is-the-real-you/
Richard says:

The more important fact is that it is even possible to stop thinking when you are awake and conscious. The so-called meditation is nothing more than stopping thinking.

So I claim, the first step towards real happiness is to stop thinking. Not necessarily permanently but the more the merrier.

You see
It is tricky: can thinking put a stop to itself? If to “stop thinking” entails a volitional act, “non thinking” will  surely become even more thinking – quite obvious, nothing but a wishful projection. Consider this: Who is the inner authority wanting to stop thinking?…If I sit down and meditate with the purpose of putting a conscious stop to thought, tell me – is that meditation? No, it’s delusion, the ego’s way to fool itself. Ego says: I meditate I am egoless…
The kind of non thinking I talk about is not to be found within the frame of duality. Non thinking is not an ideal – it is not something attainable with any of our inner tools…

Non thinking is grace…- the prerogative of enlightenment. Illumination is indeed very rare. Why do you think that Zen disciples spend years with mind–blowing koans and very few – if any – become enlightened…?

As I said, the first step to real understating is to recognize the hopelessness of our dualistic predicament…Only that kind of non selective and non controlled Attention is the only key. This non–volitional Attention, so to say, is the beginning to real change, the first step to Freedom.

Only in this Awareness we might find out what is beyond duality.
Only this awareness is the glimpse of “the real” reality.

This is the key insight

There is no reference point for where the true path is.