The absence of genuine Emotion – the curse of modern times

Her soothing touch always comes forth through the words and images she uses. I never feel unaffected seeing her output, she always awakens something within me. A most ethereal transparence of sorts, a sweet but poignant longing, which becomes almost palpable…unreservedly seizing and sweeping over me, leaving me no choice but partaking in it.

Despite, or rather, because of her talent and uncommon sensitivity, she writes to me:

“My openness to share feelings and emotions has always seemed to scare people and or seem unimportant or irrelevant. Like there is something wrong with me it’s often made me feel really odd and a bit of an outcast. No one often ever close to talk meaningful deeper with. Used to spend a lot of younger years with idiots just to numb my mind enough to try to fit in.

Do I know this…? It is lonely like hell not to be mirrored, with no one to genuinely approve of you, being constantly kept “outside” one´s inner true and beautiful story, which is the story of one´s passion and huge yearning…
So immensely sad…trying to fit in…having to numb one´s mind becuase of the sorrow of not being seen. How I recognize this…I have done my best to adjust, hiding my true self too.

Let´s face it: people can´t take openness and true passion. Strong emotion is highly disturbing and too challenging for their mediocre and petty lives. We end up feeling there is something wrong with us, when factually most of the humans today are odd insofar as they are emotionally dead. Rationally speaking, they´re the outcasts, not you and me, insofar as they are estranged from their true and natural feeling.

Utterly speaking, Life is about Emotion. Emotion makes life worth living. There is no meaning whatsoever in the absence of emotion. That being said, how can you ever have a meaningful connection in-depth with people who flee and obstinately discard emotion – that is, their soul?…

Let her yearning tell you who you are

The transparency and clarity of her eyes…

Tender yet solemn…hope giving – gazing in-depth…- this quality which is so rare among
women today…

Grace, pain, dream, seriousness…there is vulnerability and mild sensitivity in her glance,
yet great dignity and composure.

Unassuming but firm insight.

I understand now why the images she chooses are so unobtrusively alive and immediate.

What she sees is a gift for the world to see…

Unmistakably you

I don´t know how, but, her soothing touch always permeates and comes forth to me through the words and images she uses. It is unmistakably she…- Melissa. I never feel unaffected seeing her posts, she always awakens something inside of me. A most ethereal transparence of sorts, a sweet but poignant longing, which becomes almost palpable…unreservedly seizing and sweeping over me, leaving me no choice but partaking in it – an unremitting reminder that Creation perforce happens in the Here and Now.

I told her before and I say it again:

I look forward to the words and visions which will spring forth from her – her own soul creations.

What is mine is beyond me

In her last post I bumped into a quote which really caught my eye:

“The Unknown sees you, and when you allow to be seen, you see the seeing…”

That was rather peculiar:

Seeing this quote I said to myself: Why, this is good. Someone who understood…
Someone who is reminding me of me…

And as I let it sink within I realized it sounded so paradoxically familiar…as if
those words were mine...An instant inner recognition of sorts

“Who wrote this”, I asked her. 

She replied:

I’m pretty sure it came from you! but wasn’t completely sure as I had left no reference to it in my notes, was thinking hard about whether to put your name as a tag but didn’t want to misrepresent you if I had it rewritten down wrong, but it came back round to your discovery any way, how lovely…!”

So those words were mine, after all…but at first didn´t recognize them, they touched
me as if not being “mine”. Truly unlikely…

Such an insight: WHAT IS MINE IS BEYOND ME.

There it was:

A kind of new “me” given back to myself through “her”…

A new me

…A kind of “me” given back through “you”…

Quote of the day

“Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.”

(Courtesy of Melissa)

Melissa commenting my last post

Old World Charm Vintage:
Mirrors of Encounters has obviously a great amount of followers who are interested in what you have to say, I’m sure this connection will still be there even if you do change your tonality, or how about a second blog to use in a different way maybe ? I am no master to be trying to give you advise though, but thought I best try with something as your sounding a little distressed.

Don´t let yourself be deceived by my tone. No, I couldn´t say I was “distressed”, on the contrary,
I felt great peace while writing those things, but at the same time some kind of frenzied fervour, of being totally fed up with both my own and others hypocrisy.

I am not a sham and neither an ingratiating hypocrite, but I kind of felt that I am beginning to be one,
if I am to be afraid of other people´s resentment and fear to hear the raw truth.

BEAUTIFUL AND INTELLIGENT LIES ARE ATROCIOUSLY DANGEROUS. We need to cut deep into the infected sore, if we are going to heal.

Most people I encounter don´t want to heal. They want to remain diseased, it is their identity
The question is: DO WE WANT TO HEAL?

If we want that, than we have to accept that Truth hurts terribly in the beginning.

When it comes to a second blog, I´ve been considering that myself. I´ll see – at the end of the day, I want to have everything under the same roof…

If I were to have a second blog, what would be “A DIFFERENT WAY” in your opinion…?

To Melissa

Don´t give words too much a meaning – you greatest meaning is your emotion.
When there is strong emotion, there will be also the right words.

I clap my hands for this

Says Melissa:

Observation of others´ thoughts is useful for your own growth.

Take a break from Busy and do something of consequence

Says Melissa:
Everyone seems to love being busy as doing prevents or replaces thinking for most.

Well said!
Let me add that “busy” is pathetic self-indulgence and nauseous aggrandisement – it is mostly a pretext for doing nothing of consequence, along with relieving you from any genuine responsibility or interest in others.

Let´s glorify Watchful and Available for a change.