For whoever is ready to hear

To be able to play a musical instrument well, along with technical skill, it requires ABOVE ALL, a formidable unforced yet swift and alert attention.

Not only that Music asks for heeding and hearing each and every Instant as if it was new, but it demands the impossible: namely, to be aware of tones which go in fractions of seconds

I repeat: not seconds but fractions of seconds.

Imagine you being compelled to find order and right relation between those tones in that intense velocity. AND YET… If I make an analogy, one needs that incredible sensitivity, inner sharpness and rest when it comes to “outwitting” and de-conditioning the obsolete mind…

Only in that unspeakable speed can we deal with mind in all its insidious entitlements:

Thought, name, time, corporeity, memory, experience…

To love is to die

One must totally die to find what love is. And to go into this question of what is death, what lies beyond death, whether there is reincarnation, whether there is resurrection, you follow, all that, becomes rather meaningless if you don’ t know how to live. If the human being knows how to live in this world without conflict then death has quite a different meaning.
– J Krishnamurti

For sure:

Without death, no life. Without death, no love. Although we consider It the ultimate Evil, Death may be highest good. The secret door to renewal. I won’t say let’s die now – it may be too harsh on our Ego – I will simply say, let’s renew ourselves…

Neither Heraclitus, Plato or Socrates or whoever great man, can help and guide us through this tremendous undertaking: psychological Death. Each of us is on his own to find out.


Death: the cessation of direction, of memory, of thought, of ideal…

“Are you aware of the significance of your words here?” – he asked.

To die is an act of totality. Even “significance” has to go, if we are to take on this huge challenge.

Man´s worst fear, is the loss of his identity, which equates the loss of his ubiquitous “significance”…Significance – meaning belief, meaning psychological security…Nobody wants to risk and jeopardize the Supreme Sense we have built through Millennia…- the very Idea of who or what we think we are…

We do not therefore fear Death, but – of course – the cessation of our ideas and projections, about what we term as Life and Death…

As long as we take “Love” as an outcome of our all too human projection, we will neither live nor love.

Now has no memory

Only what is Alive Now saves you from all “un-lived” memories.

Unreservedly embracing this moment as such, is the cessation of memory.

Timelessness only can heal the wounds and insufficiency of time.

A meaningful dialogue about thinking, resentment and pain

She writes:
Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about you and everything you’ve said to me thus far. You’re very weird. In a good way – big grin. But I wonder sometimes whether thinking too deeply about “the point of it all” is what is in the way of just being. Have you noticed the people who go through life selfishly, without a care for those around them seem quite content? Sometimes I wish I could function without fear of the consequences of my actions, without continuously beating myself up about my past. If it isn’t something I can change there is no point is there? And yet, my trips down memory lane grow frequent, without my consent. How does one let go of all this bitterness? Be free of all the resentment and pain?

Forgive me for my ramblings, I do not of course expect you to have all the answers (then you’d be God) just wondering out loud.

For the record, people who are selfish are the victims of their fear, and basically they don´t care for others, because they have no clue to what Love is…They play so, but they are never content, it´s just a superficial mask.

So I forgive you for your ramblings, because you happen to ramble interestingly 🙂
I don´t have all the answers, or do I…? 🙂 I may be God and don´t know it yet…

No, but really, I have “answers”, and the applying of these answers on myself,
have brought about this incredible process of deep transformation I am unfolding.

Here is the deal:

“Thinking” can never be “deep”. Simply because thinking is a mechanical repetition of the past through the never-ending sequence of memory. A constant reiteration of different experiences, reinforced through “remembrance”.

Thinking can only happen in time. And time and memory can never grasp the timeless. Can you see that…?

Now…If you are caught in thinking – that is, in time – whatever change you try to bring about will fail. No matter whatever “new” you will apply yourself to, you will continue with the same pattern in a different guise. That is what you say with “my trips down memory lane grow frequent, without my consent.”

The conditioning has you in its grip.

With other words, your past is stronger than your true sense of I-ness. But who you really are, is not a sum of your experiences.

“How does one let go of all this bitterness?”

Bitterness is your resistance to What is. Life consists of sorrow too, and at some point, you need to unreservedly meet your sorrow without any judgement. Trying to be free of “your dark side” doesn´t rid you of pain. You cannot be free of your resentment, unless you deliberately choose to stop fleeing your pain.

So delve…In plain langauge, learn to stay with What is, without any choice.
That´s a hard one, since we are masters in running away from ourselves.

“Sometimes I wish I could function without fear of the consequences of my actions,
without continuously beating myself up about my past.”

Psychological fear can exist only where there is division. Fear is the space between two thoughts, a gap between different aspects which your perception makes up.

Only you may know what “the consequences” would be, but if you want different consequences, you have to stop beating up yourself, that is, stop punishing yourself, or whoever you may think responsible for your plight, becoming aware of your secret wish to take revenge…

Hope my words mirror something meaningful in you 😉

It´s all that simple

Ego is memory. Ego is time. Ego is linearity. Ego is identification with these.

If you manage to break away from the inertia of memory, time and linearity, you are free.


Ego turns everything alive into a dead memory to possess.

Happiness is Who You Are Not

We deceive ourselves so easily with quotes or “intelligent” sayings, which eventually bring nothing but even more confusion to the already confused Mind. Here is a good example:

How do you attain happiness? By allowing your mind to go back within yourself and resting in your heart. Happiness is your divine nature. Happiness is what you are.

No kidding…?

First of all “happiness” is not, and can never be a goal, thus It cannot be attained.

For the record, once you are happy, you cannot strive to be happy, cause you are already, quite logical. So who wants “to attain” happiness?… Unhappiness, right?
Who is unhappy? Obviously, The Mind.

Let´s explore:

Who is the authority who “allows your mind to go back within yourself”?
It´s Mind again…trying to fool itself that it´s resting in the heart. Pure delusion – mind trying to make itself “happy” – that is, unhappiness striving to be happy. Mind playing daft games with itself.

Mind is knowledge, memory, repetition, continuity – with other words, the old… Being old, whatever it finds, is but the same projection in different shapes and disguises. “Divine” is nothing but a lifeless, inane symbol, another figment of its mad imagination.

Divinity is thus not to be found within the range of “the known”. Mind with its search for continuity must stop, in order for happiness to be, for Happiness being outside all concepts, is eternally discontinuous.

So in this sense, Happiness is WHO YOU ARE NOT!

Instead of fully living the moment, we turn it into memory as we go

For what’s the use of holding on to our memories if we can’t make new ones?

Why should we make new memories?…

Why?… This is how we go on in life: by living it; creating new memories as we go.

You see…there is the heart of the matter: creating new memories as we go,
do we really live life?…- or we are constantly experiencing a mere projection
of what we think it´s life and living…?


Let´s ponder:

For most of us, NOW doesn´t really exist…- as this very moment is mostly the outcome of other memories – successes, failures, deceit and traumas, unfulfilled hopes, etc; and that being so, we invariably add the memories of this un-lived moment on top of those earlier memories, becoming more and more petrified, insensitive and invulnerable to whatever is new and imponderable – Life…

Indeed, we end up fighting against Life, this present moment becoming an irreversible threat. Hence we constantly empower and reinforce our very conditioning – which perpetuates itself through – what other, than?… – memory.

If we objectively and dispassionately understand this insidious mechanism, we start considering the very nature of our Conditioning.

Seriously following this pursuit with an unbiased mind, you will find that memory derives directly from Fear – which is, searching for inner and outer security, protection of the false identity; after all, memory is the main element which isolates us from “the other”…

Again, memory prevents us from plenary living this moment, from being open to Life, now….

Once we earnestly explore the nature of Memory as the core of our conditioning, we have the chance of being free and alive…

A prayer

Release us from our Memory,

As Memory prevents us from knowing

Your Love Now

Alertness and attention are the prerogatives of happiness

In order to let happiness shine, we have to have the guts to look unhappiness in the eyes and see it for what it is – ego…Ego meaning linearity, memory, time, chains of false relations, with other words, false identity…In timelessness all false relation stop. The difficult task is to observe this insidious inertia of this emotional-mental process and cease creating time.

For this we need accurate and active but un-forced total attention.
Alertness – exactly the thing we are never taught.

If you wanna know what I mean, watch a chasing cat before making the leap to catch the bird, that´s the kind of absolute alertness I speak about.

Anyway, if we look lucidly, in this very second there are no problems. Easier said than done, as we are conditioned by experience, thought and habit. I repeat:


Only Attention can see that Second in itself is never memory. But the mind has to be
fresh – NOT MADE FRESH DELIBERATELY – and “becoming” fully aware of its intricate mechanisms, in order to fully understand this freedom.

Freedom is always illogical, it escapes all models, all “good” or “bad” intentions,
it is neither this or that.
It is Being between two thoughts…

See if you can hear these words of mine with your heart not with your mind.