Community today

We are together but each one is masturbating on his own.

Nothingness has become our religion.

Sometimes you have the distinct feeling that whatever you do, or don´t do, has no effect whatsoever.

Anything means nothing, nothing means nothing. Invariably, “Nothing” wins it all.

You can talk or shut up – it makes no difference. You can travel country after country,
it doesn´t mean a thing. You can read, think, reflect, write books, speak hundred languages,
you can say the plain truth or a preposterous lie – just the same…who cares…?

To live or die makes no difference, as the only known thing is dying before ever knowing what life is.

Nothing impresses. You can´t reach anyone, other than on a very superficial level.
How could you, when virtue is “keep due distance” to whatever is true and alive…?

Genuine relation is almost nonexistent today, because no one is in fact interested in anything really – other than some kind of verbal masturbation.

We can´t veritably assume anything:

Action? Too big of a challenge. Living for real…? Alas, too disturbing…

Yeah, we are powerful behind the screen.

Why do something when we can continue to indulge in idle “intelligent” on-line crap…?


Absence or mental masturbation

Fear is false relation – it is the interval between what is now and what could be.”Could be” is but a mere abstraction, which consequently means that fear is always abstract.

Instead of enjoying what´s presently offered, you systematically kill this moment, flagrantly refusing it, invariably deviating and turning everything into nonexistent absence, seeking refuge in totally daft and loony abstractions.

You bet…

“Here and now” is too scary – “there and then” is our constant choice…

Neither nor

Being cannot be either confirmed or negated. It is mental masturbation to try one or the other. But alas, we like abstract fucking, don´t we? 🙂