A night in Hades

Sometimes you feel like you said all you had to say, that actually there is nothing more to add…On my behalf,
just now it feels like that…as if I´ve used it all, I have sourced all the arsenal of my knowledge.
I feel like a hollow man, destitute of himself, helplessly aware that Wasteland is an all too overwhelming and gigantic entity, on which I have no chance of victory.

Wasteland disposes over enormous powers. It has many allies. The higher you come, the more insidious ways it uses to destabilize you. The evil forces are extraordinarily uncanny and shrewd. Under the disguise of “good and elegant”, of “beautiful and benevolent”, “well-behaved and distinguished”, it can easily convince you to open your soul and let the guard down, and alas, when you least expect…bang!!, the monster emerges and attacks in all its vicious ugliness. You may think these are pure phantasies…Bad news, they are not.

However, it can come in innumerable manifestations, it is well versed, it has an incredible repertoire, from incredibly subtle to fierce aggressiveness. It can come as huge fear, disillusion, loneliness,despondency, discouragement, depression, disease. You heard me right: disease is one of the most favourite expressions of evil!

It can even “orchestrate” accidents! it can literally hit you out of the blue from nowhere. It sounds preposterous, but it has happened me many times. The moment you relax too much and you are no longer cautious…bam, there comes the slap.

The worse is that it can come while you sleep. And as we no longer know how to protect ourselves during our night sleep, they can freely enter in our most intimate territory: the soul.

What I am going to say now, maybe for many of you sound like stupid megalomania, but this is a fact:

Inside and outside of me, I HAVE CREATED ALREADY SUCH INCREDIBLE FLOW AND POWERFUL STREAMS OF CLARITY  WHICH DEFIES THE DARK, so these dark forces are terribly displeased.

I repeat, what I say sound absolutely preposterous: I was attacked with such vehemence last night, I thought
I was about to die – yes, it was the worse kind of psychic attack I ever witnessed.
I take the big risk of making a fool of myself, but I have nothing to lose…I feel I have to share this with you.

This is the reality nobody will ever talk to you about. This reality is more “real” than anything else. For sure, average people will laugh you in the face. Fairytales, myths and other science fiction sagas, describe very well this many folded reality of life… Ultimately, despite all evidence, THIS LIFE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MAGIC TALE, believe me on that!

Goethe wrote all his life about these forces, represented by Mephistopheles. The master understood…

However, yesterday night I felt as the loneliest man on this planet, feeling and realizing what was going on, but having absolute no clue how to defend myself. Who could have believed me, and be with me and support me on that…? I am still very frail after last night, I haven´t yet recovered…

I WOULD NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE INITIATED IN THESE OCCULT MATTERS, someone “serious”, versed in magic, who sees and perceives the gravity of all I have depicted here.