The age of counterfeits

No, but really…

It really goes on my nerves:

All these smart guys like Gregg Bradden, Wayne Diar, Donald Neale Walsh, David Ike, Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks so forth and so on…- all of them speaking skillfully about consciousness and frequencies, quantum physics, the Universal Field, metaphysics,
The Law of Attraction, the one more interesting than the other…

And yet…The result of all this intelligent verbosity is null! ZERO…!

It doesn´t fucking make sense…Not that what they come up with is without value,
but were the things they said really powerful and worth-while, you could feel this improved state they talk about, everywhere around you.

Instead what…in everyday life humans are more and more absent and disturbed, more senselessly aloof and aggressive, reckless, greedy and self-absorbed…

Paradoxically, despite the information and incredible sophisticated means at hand, Stupidity is growing exponentially reaching alarming levels.

It is truly an insurmountable gap.

The masses are always the way they are. But if all these New Age prophets were
genuinely and virtually dedicated, they would probably manage
TO BRING ABOUT A REAL, PALPABLE CHANGE. You would just feel it naturally…

Albeit they being well articulated and probably well-intentioned, I really suspect most of them being no more than a bunch of counterfeits.

They are most likely not aware, but they are as deceitful as the age they are a part of.

An answer to Richard

Ultimately, the solution of all real problems fall back into metaphysics. Metaphysics is not to be mixed up with spiritualism, that´s the hard one. Our only instrument to deal with “the invisible” is for the time being Art, Real music and Poetry. The science of the future will no longer be divorced from metaphysics.

I like how Werner Heisenberg puts it:

“You can’t determine anything arbitrarily exact. Or in other words: nothing is really determinable. Everything is always in motion. There are no real limits.”

That´s exactly what I say in different words though:

We need to understand that whatever we infer is projection and not truth.
Our very outlook influences the whole process. It´s ripe time that Science progressively starts to be the friend of our real humanity and not the guardian of our metaphysical fears.