Never ever settle for accepting straight facts

Intriguing synchronicities have unfolded these last days.

Apparently, when something powerful is felt and expressed, that insight kind of affects the whole field of consciousness, and the ones on the same frequency pick it up.

Tonight, while quoting Jacob Barnett In order to succeed, you must look at everything with your unique perspective, and not settle for accepting the straight facts, concomitantly I received a text message from a composer friend of mine who has suffered all his adult life due to bad teachers at the Music Academy who spoiled his natural confidence and choked his inner voice. Really, I was really taken aback reading his line:

If most of the people have similar backgrounds of experience, what will become of the uniqueness of each and everyone?”

As it happens, the answer was at hand for him.

To be mentioned that I have known this guy for the last 30 years, and as long as I remember, he never before used the word “uniqueness”, let alone asking a similar question.

We speak very rarely these days – every second month or so…
Why did he “choose” that very moment for his question…?

This is quite staggering, to say the least…

Who are we really?

Life is more weird than your worst phantasy. It is unfathomable and totally unpredictable for reason and “daily approach”.

There are the ones who claim they know. And there are the ones who claim they don´t know.

The “don´t know-ers” are as ignorant as the “know-ers”. They are not aware that they
don´t know, even if they think they know or don´t know.

I am not playing with words and I say it again: both the ones who know and the ones who
don´t know, don´t know – as THEY IMPOSE THEIR OWN LIMIT.

The process of knowing would be something like this: “you know that you don´t know that you know”. It is mind-blowing and at first sight it makes absolutely no sense.

But again, Life makes no sense. Only in the sense of senselessness you may find some kind of sense.

If we were to remain only at a philosophical standpoint, what I say may be interesting, or not.

It´s not the point though, I am interested in the “pragmatic” aspect of these implications.

If you digest what I say above, you might get a glimpse that Life is more some kind of magical interlude than a story about “make-sense-ness”.

The real sage knows that consciousness is more similar to magic than anything. It means that “the Creator” of this world is more a Magician than a “God” 🙂

Nothing exists “as such”. Life is found in the following collocation:

Everything exists, is intertwined and doesn´t exist.

It both exists and doesn´t exist at the same time. Life “does does” exist and
“doesn´t doesn´t” exist. This is far-fetched isn´t it…? Or, to be “consequent”,
it “does – doesn´t – does” exist…:)

Or whatever different variations of simultaneous states of intermingling “being-unbeing”.

In this huge Cosmical Drama our human logic or non-logic doesn´t mean a thing…

There are forces, a multitude of entities, interchanging realities, chaotic and yet compensating energy flows that are in motion every second.

Remember?… “it is – it isn´t – is”,
“it is not – it is – it is not not, it is yes not – it is not yes yes”…

Life is a series of absolute “crazy” sequences. These sequences keep this Universe together.

We are all magicians but we have forgotten that…

We are stuck in ” I am – you are”…”I am not – you are”, “why are you and not me”,” this is that but not that”, and so forth…

To make it short, it´s not the point who I am or who You are, the vital point is WHO ARE WE BETWEEN THE LINES…? Who are we beyond form? Who are we in an enhanced energetic version of ourselves…?

If we regain our knowledge that we are magicians and can create incredible reality, (which we already do, but in fearful ways) – what are we going to create…?

Our present way of relating to life is pure insanity. Our Reason is diseased, and as such it is an insult to ourselves and this incredible Universe.

We have to realize that our Reason is Fear, and that LIVING IN FEAR IS MADNESS.

We are mad – only by confronting this fact healing is possible.

We have to dare to say good-bye to different definitions and reducing concepts of Life, to dare enhance our perception beyond name and limit, to explore this vast multitude of possibilities, and take back our birth right: