Can we ever win over Mind?

Whatever is fragmented is at loss.Trying to win over the mind therefore turns you inevitably into a loser. Because mind itself is the outcome of a loss. Of fragmentation. Ultimately of a conflict.

So the only gain to be derived out of this is therefore the lucid understanding of this blatant fact:

Mind, being spawned by fear, has to dissolve in order for Reality – which is Wholeness – to arise…

This Present Moment as It is, is your worst nightmare


Isn´t it so…?

You constantly live in Illusion – that is, in time – obsessively escaping
either in the past or in the future.

There is no present. What you experience, after your mind has digested the input, is the past already.

Mind – which is the outcome of time – can´t deal with the present moment, as mind takes Now as Fear… What we usually call “digesting the input” is running away from Fear, that is, the unrelenting misinterpretation of this Now.

Verily, what most people call “Now” is in fact a modified version of their past, or some kind of vapid wishful thinking in the future, which, again, is to improve on their past.

Why would we like to live in the present? Isn’t the present a prison disconnected from both future and past? 🙂

Call it prison…Call it nightmare…- the same thing. The prison will crumble when we deliberately delve and unreservedly confront the Nightmare – that is, Our Fear – , unconditionally disconnecting from the future and the past – that is, from Mind.