The pathless Secret

Everything in life is ultimately about one single most essential thing: the ineffable state of well-being.

Now, the dilemma is that there is not a staked out path to wellness. This is because well-being is never a result, a consequence of something, it is not available to experience, to purpose, it is with other words, not the outcome of an act of will…It is not to be found within the range of achievement…It is the most obvious, but totally out of control…It comes from nowhere…It has no address. However, it arises in all its glorious simplicity when the mind has realized that it is beyond its reach…When it has realized that there is no path to this…

Really, Happiness is Grace…

Grace is there when all seeking has ceased…- when all expectation of gain or fear of loss, when all sense of achievement has been put aside.

It is this graceful but sacredly unknown Presence, which heals, which creates masterpieces, which is the secret key opening all doors.

Throw away your phony creation or succomb

We are all aware that Mind is the perpetrator…That Mind has created all this unresolvable misery. This terrible confusion. This ubiquitous infelicity. Yes…- our daily disease.

We also intuit that the only way out of this self-elected wretched confinement is to renounce mind, and by so doing, to allow life to heal us and re-establish the natural order.

But the thing is:

Despite all dismal evidence, despite the fact that Life compels us to redefine what we term as “knowledge”, WE ARE TOO PROUD OF THIS OUR UNHOLY CREATION – OUR MIND. Even if we see it being totally mad and dysfunctional, even if we see clearly that we have pitifully failed, we refuse to give it up since we have totally bought into and invested everything we have in order to maintain it throughout immemorial time.

Well, bad news…Or for that matter, good news:

You cannot heal, thrive and be happy and hold on to Mind. Hold on to a belligerent lie.

Everything of worth, begins and grows the moment Mind has realized its futility, and thus capitulates to Life. To What Is…

What is Source?

I joke about most people who tell you things only according to something else and how they require a reference or source to validate anything. Obviously there is a source, it just doesn’t have a traditional means of referencing it. DNA memory? Organic Frequency? A rose is just as sweet by any name you call it I suppose.

If you had asked Ramana Maharshi what the source is, he, like me, would have answered “Who is asking?”… Worth pondering on…:)

Source – or shall we call it Emptiness – being non-dual, that is, beyond projection, cannot be inferred by any of our so-called instruments of inquiry. It is beyond any reference, at the same time, it is the reference of everything. You know this already, I think.

Intrinsically, Mind is the outcome of duality and projection, and as such, it is in False Relation to everything. Being biased and insecure – what else?…- it always seeks validation in everything it undertakes: it simply cannot function outside preexisting reference. Consequently, it relentlessly turns Life into a sum of loose aspects put together,,,

As for the rose: release it from its name, and you might find the clue…;)

This Present Moment as It is, is your worst nightmare


Isn´t it so…?

You constantly live in Illusion – that is, in time – obsessively escaping
either in the past or in the future.

There is no present. What you experience, after your mind has digested the input, is the past already.

Mind – which is the outcome of time – can´t deal with the present moment, as mind takes Now as Fear… What we usually call “digesting the input” is running away from Fear, that is, the unrelenting misinterpretation of this Now.

Verily, what most people call “Now” is in fact a modified version of their past, or some kind of vapid wishful thinking in the future, which, again, is to improve on their past.

Why would we like to live in the present? Isn’t the present a prison disconnected from both future and past? 🙂

Call it prison…Call it nightmare…- the same thing. The prison will crumble when we deliberately delve and unreservedly confront the Nightmare – that is, Our Fear – , unconditionally disconnecting from the future and the past – that is, from Mind.


Humans are utterly incomprehensible

People don´t want Joy and Ease. If they really, REALLY wanted it, they would
instantly have it.

It´s not misery and misfortune which scare them, no… – the daunting reality is that
True Living, Togetherness and Happiness are the things which scare them to death. 

Failing is their game.


Normalized madness

Due to our prodigious unconsciousness, we are in the midst of an unprecedented collective psychosis that has become so normalized that very few people are even talking about it, which is itself an expression of our collective madness.

It is easier to talk or to argue with a dog or a cow than with someone possessed by the unconscious.

For nothing that one says permeates, it is impossible to pierce the wall they put up, it is a wall of unconscious beliefs, and people behind the wall cannot be reached. They are totally inaccessible.

There is no access because the human being is degraded to the state of an animal by the entity functioning behind the scene – entity that seems to be more a ghost than a divine being.

People who have fallen prey to their unconscious beliefs naturally attract and connect with each other, as they reciprocally reinforce each others’ madness.

An impenetrable bubble of shared, rigid beliefs gets conjured up
around them which deflects and resists any self-reflection which threatens their fixed worldview.
Anyone who reflects back their unconscious state is demonized
and seen as a heretic, blasphemer
and enemy.

– Carl Gustav Jung through Paul Levy

Do they all live in their head?

I happened to be right behind them in the shopping mall.
I couldn´t believe my ears overhearing their dialogue.

– Why are these people so terribly boring? asked the five-year-old boy.

– They are the prisoners of their minds, said the grandpa smiling.

– How come they are the prisoners of their minds, you mean they live in their head,
you mean they think too much? wondered the smart boy.

– Indeed so, they think so much so they take thought for life and therefore
don´t exist for real. They are t
hought by their thoughts, but they are not aware…

– What if I am a thought too grandpa, and I do not know?

– Enough now, said the old man with a twinkle in the eye, let´s go and buy you those
juggling balls.

You can follow your genuine intention, or the default plan of your ego-mind

It is clear that the Egotic Mind operates through time and thinking.

Although I have this very clear, I am still caught in this Ego drama, it still has me in its grip.

My real sense if I-ness as it were, can only partially release itself from this inertial energy.
Whatever I do, I encounter this conditioning in innumerable guises.

It seems almost an inhumanly impossible task to arrest these insidious energies.

Is there a way though to subdue this insidious entity, and have it obey you and not

Sometimes I “manage”, – in the sense that all of a sudden I am set free, yet not knowing how it happened – while as I try to consciously free myself from it, I totally fail.

There seems to be no method, as whatever method reinforces the ego´s cursed agenda.

Perhaps there is no method. Yet there is choice, focus and intentional action. If you see and allow it  to be “impossible” then your limiting belief will merely reinforce and keep it as such.

When you make whatever choice, it´s very hard to differentiate whether the ego-mind is in charge, or your “true” voice. How do you know which one talks within you…?

What I meant with “impossible” is the senselessness of trying to challenge the ego-mind directly. In a direct confrontation, It will invariably win, as this entity is incredibly cunning and disposes over an incredible arsenal of psychological setbacks.

I guess Krishnamurti puts it very well: you have to learn to heed everything with a very alert, yet, passive attention.

Not always an easy task…

Who is the observer and what is observed?

He asks:
Can the world exist outside the mind?

Can there really be objectivity?

Can the knife cut itself?

Can the eye see itself?

This world is the outcome of our mind. Mind existing as division.

Is the observer different from the observed?

What happens if there is no observer and nothing observed?

So in order to answer both your questions, we need to look in-depth at
the very nature of mind:

Can mind exist outside division?…

Who´s the subject and who the object?

Are subjectivity and objectivity ever separable, or intrinsically one…?

The ego is just a program that’s playing in your head

Some days ago I had this weird thought of referring to myself – to this
Julien Matei – in the third person.
I thought I was totally going berserk fo a little while, entertaining this idea.

And so later on I bumped into her words. So reassuring, it showed I was not so crazy
after all.
She writes:

“I think that observing the ego in the third person will help me not take its antics so personally.

Sure, it might get crazy thinking of myself in the third person and translating what this
means for the decision-making mind.

But living in the ego is insanity already, right? From the observing mind I can see the ego as unreal and impersonal and let it go. The ego is just a program that’s playing in my head, and I do not have to interact!!

I can only see myself as perfect if I see myself as not the ego..

`Only reality is free of pain. Only reality is free of loss. Only reality is wholly safe. And it is only this we seek today.´

Which means that anything that doesn’t fit within those parameters isn’t real. So why should I look upon the body and the world as though they are real, as though they are really “me”? There is only mind, and I want my mind to belong to Oneness.”

Indeed, as for me, when my ego is absent, I feel the overwhelmingly soothing truth of these words in the space between two thoughts…It is there…- as sudden glimpses…And right away the ego swoops on me,
making me believe that it was no more than the figment of my imagination.

Yet, deep inside I feel that this joyous Presence – who is the real “me” – is steadily there second by second, unaffected by none of the ego´s foolish whims.

Such solace to know that…