You are real because nothing is real

I am aware that the following is a highly unusual outlook on life and can be easily taken as pure existential extravagance, but the ones ready to hear, will hear the resonance of these words:

It all seems real, yet it is not.

This manifested world is a Mirage. A dream.
Some kind of playful will-o’-the-wisp.

Yes, you start Being Real, the moment you understand that

Then and only then you are free – knowing that nothing is real,
you are free from illusion,
free from fear, free from frustration, unhappiness and clinging.

This Freedom is the Uncreated Joy – Who You Really Are.

In this freedom you can create and you can juggle with it all.

A new chance

There are moments when you feel overwhelmed . There is “too much” of anything , and yet nothing for you.
Life feels like a desert. Like a continuous mirage.

Every second feels like a challenge, every thought can either be a dead-end, or something which leads forward, to – hopefully – a new stream of energy or clarity.
There are so many things we haven´t done. But reminding ourselves of all these regrets, and staying in that sorrow doesn´t help anyone.

It is painful and at the same time – for many of us – paradoxical to realize that Every Second is Empty. A new chance.

There are two options :
Either I carry on with sorrow, killing the new moment with resentment, or I take this feeling of utter vulnerability, let go of the past and start seeing myself in a new light. NOW !!…

I either drown or take a breath. And every word  I write here is a new breath…

It is an act of courage to leave the past, our security, our hardly acquired habits and sense of security .

I don´t know anything anymore, it feels incredibly lonely to write this words now, for, at the end of the day… who am I writing for really?…But these words give me comfort somehow, this very curiosity of exploring this vulnerable NOW, and see what this moment has in store, gives me a new sense of re-connecting with Life.

And as I feel this inner reassuring, I am thinking that these words may mean something too you .