So what is a true encounter?

…he eagerly asked.

It´s mirror encountering mirror.

What does this entail?…The mirror is empty, isn´t it? As such, it can reflect anything with no preference. With no resistance. With no strife. Eventually, where there is mind – that is, an interest – there is no empathy. Empathy is recognizing the other as being a continuation of you. And if the other is another side of you, a real encounter creates a nourishing energy, a momentum, a joy which heals, soothes and inspires…Two mirrors becoming actually One…


The mirrors are

Hear their

The whole book is in the title

A Mirror in the land of the Mirror-less.

The Awaiting Mirror

She sees because she´s seen.

Yes, the Mirror has seen it all, and yet she has seen nothing,
cause she remains forever empty… – and being empty,
she is always happy, waiting in merriment to see
and to be seen again…and again.

Thank you…

…for mirroring these words, thank you for mirroring me, and mirroring yourself,
thank you for being the true Mirror of us in this age.


The afternoon has fallen asleep

The silent mirrors are also dreaming…

Empty mirrors

Mirrors have no particular preferences, they just mirror.