Intelligence is not afraid of mistakes

Her words were so winning and charming, yet she felt an urge to excuse herself:

“So many typos…forgive my idiotic writing in my email.
I don’t proofread as much because an email is less formal and I don’t spend hours editing it, I just free write.”


Who cares about typos as long as there is emotion and vivid intention behind words…?

I see so many writing skillfully, yet there is a vehement lack in their texts – no substance, no life…NO LIVING PURPOSE…

I love mistakes – yes, they are oftentimes more pinpointing than something “rightly” done.

Indeed, fools are always afraid of mistakes, you see them everywhere – people lacking intelligence, taking themselves too seriously.

For sure, the one who is not afraid of mistakes is more open-minded, more prone to grow, question and discover…