Art can´t possibly coexist with lack of sense and order

Bearing this in mind,

How can modern man understand artistic Expression
when his life is a series of blatant senselessness and disorder..?

Movement without poise is Hell

The curse of modernity

Absence of genuine relation.

The core of present reality

The story of modernity is this – the presence of an absence…

I destroy you therefore I am – modern man’s motto

Unfortunately we live in a strange age. The way people usually communicate with one another is usually through lack, remorse, distrust and distress, reciprocal punishment, harsh and constant competition and dominion. This is the list of most used and preferred social repertoire. Not to forget faking…a vital ingredient in this sour cocktail.

Unhappiness…Not only they are unhappy but their madness is that they make sure and expect that others are unhappy as well. This is called democracy.

“Why are you happy and I am not? Let me show you real life here. Who do you think you are? Be like us! Suppress your emotion, suffer and torture yourself; if you dare take another road, believing in the beauty and greateness of life, we ‘ll see to punish and humiliate you, diminish you, ridicule you so we can be all equal – worthless, with other words.  These haunted souls don’t stand happiness, freedom and joy. Joy is a thorn in their petty minds.

Not only that they are pitiful wrecks, but they have the nerve to dominate and turning their
worthlessness into a virtue. I say it again:
The most effective tools for this morbid control are PUNISHMENT AND HUMILIATION.

Yes, it sounds like a gross exaggeration, but Worthlessness is modern man’s bible. If you don’t believe me, just look around with an unconditional eye:

Today, in this world of ours, NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS. Yes, it is a horrid desert, there is nothing going on really, YOU HAVE NOWHERE TO GO.  Nowhere…Everything is fake, people are a total sham – a vivid disgrace.

The same unbearable refrain going on everywhere. The same flattened manners, the same scabrous stupidity, same tasteless supermarket food, same zany style of dressing and arrogant conduct, same shit music and sentimental crap movies, really this world has become a howling lunacy, a nasty disease.

What is most absurd, paradoxical and quite surreal, is that in the middle of this pathetic hollow wretchedness, people play happy, refusing vehemently to admit their being totally disturbed.

What scares me most in this insidious attitude, is that they claim Worthlessness to be the only valid thing, the one and only dissonant and daft tonality we’re all suppose to sing in. It’s like you are forced to listen to the same maddening House music all the time.


Man has turned everything into his non-existing Image. That is, if you are not worthless and insane like us, you are not with us.

If you are someone, or want to be something real, we will make sure to punish, divert and destroy you. Not necessarily through explicit plain violence, but through cunning and very refined methods.

I don’t claim “to be right” I just express a dispassionate truth built on years of observation.

I will for sure be called a misogynist for saying that but I can take it :

Modern woman has become a perfect reflection of the Zeitgeist. She has turned into a master of these perverted and malicious methods of punishment, constantly humiliating and depriving man of his dignity and self-esteem, playing a highly immoral, sophisticated and maniacal game to destitute man of his integrity and honor.

I can give you countless terrifying examples of this demented feminine games, of which target I was, but I will do this in another letter.

One thing is for sure: if women won’t give up this ominous narcissistic game of arrogant self-importance and immature evil conduct, we are all fucked.

My friend, let all these blase idiots, thirsting for revenge punish one another. Let us look in the eyes of lucidity and of joy.
The secret of fruitfulness, lies in the deep layers of sincere emotion. Emotion is divine resonance. Love and feeling go beyond duality, thus beyond doubt.

Joy cannot fail. Joy does not select, it simply gives and takes.

Let’s trust our joy and keep the lost souls away.

Our art and music today

Nowadays, the most favorite artistic expression is frustration, accompanied by cynicism and aggression. The most preponderant in the palette of expressions is though vanity. In all aesthetic fields, Vanity is taken to its paroxysm, we witness really the Triumph of narcissistic and nihilistic madness.

Besides the afferent nihilism in art – as well as in music – we deal with the primordial feature of modernity, characterized by a blatant reductionist infantilism, on the one hand, and on the other – especially in music – with a monotonous violence, conceited and shameless, relentlessly perverted and ubiquitously offensive.
Our aesthetic is the mirror of our ugly and distorted feelings.

The equation is simple:

Diseased emotions, diseased people.

Because of this insidious pathology, we come to spoil and destroy everything, everything we touch we disfigure and break down, including our lives.