Running away from gloom and lonelyness enhances your loneliness

He says:
I am undergoing an intense feeling of loneliness. Well, I am not able to relate with people around me except a very few. I find most people boring and irritating, so I run away from everybody. I feel low and gloomy if I spend time in my room for a long time.

Yet in the effort to overcome the gloomy loneliness I search again the company of others,
just to find myself avoiding them nevertheless.

What causes my lack of interest in people?

What is the major problem here?

What is the solution?

My answer:

There is no solution to the problem of loneliness:

No matter if you are among people or by yourself in your chamber, you will feel lonely.

There is no “way out” as long as you are fighting yourself: the effort to overcome the gloomy loneliness will enhance your loneliness.

You just have to lovingly stay and confront this gloomy part of yourself. On your own.
Easier said than done…Still, if you dare do this, you might be free from depression for ever – that, of course, if this is what you wish. Fact of the matter is that many people were they given the chance to recover from an illness, they would be rather reluctant, as they have built their identity on the very disease they suffer from.

Anyway, no medication, no therapy will ever help you recover for real, but your readiness to go along in-depth with your problem. That is not to say it is an easy undertaking.

You just have to have the guts of facing that big turmoil and stop running…Be with it, as if you were with a child: no complaining, no justifying, no thwarting…Eventually there is nowhere to go…- it comes a time when your soul forces you to heed yourself.

This inner conflict of yours has nothing to do with “people”. It´s not “people” you dislike, but yourself, more exactly, that wounded level within yourself…that unloved part of you…
You see, if you were well, you wouldn´t bother so much if people are boring – which they often are – that because when you are connected to your real self, you have less a need to be with people. When you are well, you don´t have any urge to flee, in order to escape yourself, as you are at ease, and home in your own body… Again, then you wouldn´t really mind how others are or aren´t…
So, forget people, the lack of interest is for yourself, for the one you truly are…Stay with what is, even if it hurts. Learn to show yourself the interest your soul craves from you.


A letter to a friend

Just a word to you.

You see, I have quite an unusual intuition, and grace to this intuition I can track the truth behind appearance.

I sense there is a big force inside of you.

Fighting against this force brings trouble, and in the long run, thwarting against your real Self, means actually depression. Society has taught us to conceal this huge life inside of us, to be ashamed of it, resist it, indeed, break ourselves to pieces, and the result is that we constantly live at the periphery of life, we live outside of ourselves.

We have been in a strenuous and continuous fight against Self. To live outside ourselves is indescribable suffering. This huge suffering is in fact depression, disease.

Know thyself means literally, come near your own Self. Stop looking for yourself in the outside – at least for a while – and try to establish the right relation to yourself. YOUR SELF. The real you. The more you pursue this natural process, the more outward evidence you will have too, that you are on the right track.

I am speaking as objectively as I can:

I saw beyond doubt in your countenance the presence of this huge intelligent force that you in fact are.

I saw also saw the huge suffering, numbness and absence. But you see,
this “round” and shining compassionate intelligence.

In you lives a great man. Honor this man. Honor this incredible wisdom that you are!

Just do it…

A meaningful dialogue about approaching depression

He says:

One of my biggest “pet peeves” (to put it nicely) is when people say “Just get over it”. I believe depression is a manifestation of much greater issues that need to be resolved. Medication may help us cope, but until we get to the core of the matter depression will always be with us. As you say, “depression is a manifestation of much greater issues that need to be resolved”

My answer:

If we want to come to grips with what depression is, we got to have the courage to examine in-depth. And alas, even the so-called great authorities on this subject-matter fail to reach the real Cause, due to fear… Indeed, we try to compensate this fear and inability to see, through medication…

So it´s kind of a very insidious and perilous journey one is pursuing…Dante had Virgil, we have no one…There is no guidance, one gropes in darkness with intuition as the only weapon…For sure, on the way one encounters scary inner realities no one wants to acknowledge or look at, things which are dismissed as far-fetched or totally phony… yet this apparent nonsense, is going to be tomorrow´s truth.

That is why I am very grateful to meet a fellow treading the same way.

Me and Paul conversing


It´s a fact – most  people try to escape depression…


Very true you can’t escape it!

For me though, this true Self is hard to find! I am not even so sure what it Is although I feel like I (should) already know.


If I said that the true Self is there all the time, for sure, that would sound cynical and preposterous, above all in those moments when you feel nothing but pain and inner despondency.

So Self is shining, but we don´t perceive it, due to our inner blockages. These blockages derive always from the illusion of separation, separation which has been yielded to us through the mother´s milk.

This present civilization lives in the shadow of the greatest illusion: separation, isolation and alienation from Self…I said that before – you couldn´t possibly be depressed if the civilization was “sane”. It is highly diseased.
I know that you know deep down of the existence of Self… – otherwise you wouldn´t have this present correspondence with me 🙂

A thought for today

When you are totally aware of this present moment, you can´t ever possibly feel unhappy or depressed. It sort of means that both unhappiness and depression have to do with memory.

Our culture is build on memory. Unfulfillment means memory, every drama is memory as well.

Is there a drama in this very moment as you read this?

Imagine if there was no remebrance to remember…? Just presence…No “there and then” only here and now…