Learning should be allied to goodness

Intellectual capacity is not always found associated with ethics and moral character.

Darragh McCurragh:
However, is learning not also the path to gain an insight into morals? So without a binding curriculum, which would mean the end of intellectual freedom, and thus a rigorous sequence of what to learn when, morals/ethics cannot be drummed into a person. And since everyone learns everything at different speeds, some never learn about nuclear physics, others never about morals.

Nuclear physics without a healthy counterpart in morals has created the
atomic bomb – it is pretty obvious…

Unfortunately – learning as it is taught today, not only that it doesn´t comprise, but almost excludes a wholesome insight into ethics…

Of course, no true morals – and for that matter, nothing of value – can ever be “drummed” into anyone, but rather instilled…Inspired. Etymologically, education means to awaken the student from inside out…

This may sound utopian, but education should alongside with the process of learning concomitantly deal with ethics and overarching human values.

And the school system should implement this insight soon, if we want to stand a chance to veritable progress.


An overstatement?

The world – as it is just now – , doesn´t live, and what is worse, it doesn´t allow none of us to live, it has consciously or unconsciously declared war to life, to natural law and real sentiment. We have undone ourselves. The world lives in a veiled state of collective suicide.

Can we try together to confront this horrid and insidious reality, engage in a serious and honest dialogue about this, trying to unfold all these layers of Fear, Illusion and Delusion, which have brought us to the most disgusting existential drama ever fancied?

A short discussion about moral

 He said:

Moral itself is a concept made up by the bourgeoisie to justify capitalism. So it doesn’t help to oppose morals to “greedy” capitalism as it’s only two sides of the same coin.

My answer:

Moral and virtue are inherent timeless qualities in the deep layers of the human soul. As long as we refer to these inner realities as “concepts” without digging deep, we will have all these inane isms which demean and belittle us…

The fearlessanalyst says:

Ultimately, I tend to look at education + parenting – two places where countless children have been discouraged from asking questions or thinking creatively, and this is what we have to change among other things. Instead of throwing out the critical-judgmental reactions to kids not knowing something, we throw out testing as the solution instead of throwing out crappy parenting or teaching.
I believe those of us who see, have a kind of moral obligation (not in a religious sense) to constantly raise others’ consciousness – but as gently as we can stand it, so we don’t make them feel threatened. And for our own sanity and peace, we need to accept (or maybe I’m wrong) that it’s a lifetime job