This is what makes a great musician

A blissful state of unforced choice-less listening – which takes in, appropriates and renders every single tone as SUPREMELY IMPORTANT.

This is a perfect analogy to what makes a great human being…

Indeed, this coherent, sublimely even awareness…- namely, that there is no more important thing than the other…That every single perception, action, gesture is equally and formidably IT:

L I F E… – lived in loving attention…

Our brave new fucking dehumanizing world

I went to a cafe yesterday. There was a nice girl working there. There were not so many clients so we had a chance to converse. There was no flirt, we simply found a nice soul connection. We easily resonated with one another. Some relaxing Buddha bar music permeated the whole atmosphere. There was peace in the air. Delight.

Long story short:

Her boss showed up out of the blue, and the moment he laid eyes on me, he said some nasty words. He was terribly infuriated…so unaccountably aggressive. Why? I HAD DISTURBED THE ORDER HE IS USED TO…I swear to God, he would have killed me if he could, so incredibly pissed off he was…

Today I went to the same spot. You could have hardly believe it: the girl who yesterday was so alive and sweet, looked like a shadow, as if she was short of air…

As there was some humdrum noise being played, I asked amiably whether she could play some lounge music.

`”I AM NOT ALLOWED”…she muttered reproachfully.

I´d got it:

Happiness and harmony not only don´t sell, but are too much of a menace…


I revel in your endless night
Praying to your celestial shadow

Your purple light enthralls me
In lofty radiant desire

Bless me with flamboyant colors
Turn your royal glance to me

Remember me Goddess
As your most intimate bard

And I will forever praise you
In my hymns.

Wrong perception makes no music

What is music eventually?

It all comes down to reducing it all to one note.

If you are totally committed to that single note and play it with greatest presence and sincerity, that very presence will spawn another note, which in fact, is the initial tone, but in a “different” guise.

To put is simple. music is right relation between a tone and another.

Unless you hear the Sound of no sound, you´ll never render true Music


Seize the un-catchable!

Music is the ineffable occurrence between two tones.


LIFE is the occurrence between two thoughts.

The infinite shades between Yes and No.