Says Ariadne

Whatever I project is in fact
the very thing
you are being confronted with.

Suspend Logic and Reason for a while and let Knowledge and Beauty emerge

Funny you caught on to that and you don’t even know me. How did you know?

I know without “knowing”, – meaning that I don´t rely on my “mundane” experience – but go deeper into realms of being where things are far more interesting. Where Logic and Reason are just suspended.

From there comes my “knowledge”.

True being, the Myths, Art and True Participation with “the other” happens in that realm.

I don´t find Ego and surface either sexy or exciting.

In Fear there is no spontaneity, no true emotion.

Fear and the emotions connected to it are simply treacherous.

Fear is the obstacle which veils these inner realities – and I think you might know what I am talking about.

So courage is required to see through, question and eventually transcend Fear – as fear is the distance between you and You  – and so skilfully connect with those levels.

So from those levels I am now writing to you.

From those ineffable levels where your true skills and artistic talent arise.

So bring forth the gypsy in you, that crazy and relentlessly deep and powerful joy.

No further comment

The minute you take what the dictation of the time is, instead of
the dictation of your eternity, you have capitulated to the Devil,
and you´re in Hell.

– Joseph Campbell

Jane´s great response to my post “A dream comes true”

Surrendering to “what is,” allows us to experience a bit of magic! We wait, we wait for something to happen and it doesn’t. We experience despair, and the darkness is lifted out of nowhere.

“The privelege of a lifetime is being who you are
The goal of the hero trip down to the jewel point
is to find those levels in the psyche that open, open, open
and finally open to the mystery of your Self being Buddha consciousness or the Christ.
That is the journey.” Joseph Campbell

All of us here, who have gathered together in intersecting time and space never planned it. We met in traceless beginningless time to inquire. We are taking the journey with Julien and ourselves to reflect on the art of living a life of value, trying to discern what relationship to ourselves and the world means. We are in a laboratory of sorts – a blogging “incubator” examining, testing, checking and re checking, tossing out useless conditioned experiences, and awakening in real-time. Bravo for this writing experience!

The world is a mess and we are participating joyfully on Mirror of Encounters in the sorrows of the world – not adhering to sorrow nor walking away from it. Peace is at the heart of our writing experience. We are not sitting in complacency; we are working on reconciling our life, the impermanence of it, and everything we know. We are mind opening to mind. Our fingers tapping out the truth of something much bigger.

To live in sacred space
is to live in a symbolic environment
where spiritual life is possible,
where everything around you
speaks of exaltation of the spirit

Joseph Campbell

A night in Hades

Sometimes you feel like you said all you had to say, that actually there is nothing more to add…On my behalf,
just now it feels like that…as if I´ve used it all, I have sourced all the arsenal of my knowledge.
I feel like a hollow man, destitute of himself, helplessly aware that Wasteland is an all too overwhelming and gigantic entity, on which I have no chance of victory.

Wasteland disposes over enormous powers. It has many allies. The higher you come, the more insidious ways it uses to destabilize you. The evil forces are extraordinarily uncanny and shrewd. Under the disguise of “good and elegant”, of “beautiful and benevolent”, “well-behaved and distinguished”, it can easily convince you to open your soul and let the guard down, and alas, when you least expect…bang!!, the monster emerges and attacks in all its vicious ugliness. You may think these are pure phantasies…Bad news, they are not.

However, it can come in innumerable manifestations, it is well versed, it has an incredible repertoire, from incredibly subtle to fierce aggressiveness. It can come as huge fear, disillusion, loneliness,despondency, discouragement, depression, disease. You heard me right: disease is one of the most favourite expressions of evil!

It can even “orchestrate” accidents! it can literally hit you out of the blue from nowhere. It sounds preposterous, but it has happened me many times. The moment you relax too much and you are no longer cautious…bam, there comes the slap.

The worse is that it can come while you sleep. And as we no longer know how to protect ourselves during our night sleep, they can freely enter in our most intimate territory: the soul.

What I am going to say now, maybe for many of you sound like stupid megalomania, but this is a fact:

Inside and outside of me, I HAVE CREATED ALREADY SUCH INCREDIBLE FLOW AND POWERFUL STREAMS OF CLARITY  WHICH DEFIES THE DARK, so these dark forces are terribly displeased.

I repeat, what I say sound absolutely preposterous: I was attacked with such vehemence last night, I thought
I was about to die – yes, it was the worse kind of psychic attack I ever witnessed.
I take the big risk of making a fool of myself, but I have nothing to lose…I feel I have to share this with you.

This is the reality nobody will ever talk to you about. This reality is more “real” than anything else. For sure, average people will laugh you in the face. Fairytales, myths and other science fiction sagas, describe very well this many folded reality of life… Ultimately, despite all evidence, THIS LIFE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MAGIC TALE, believe me on that!

Goethe wrote all his life about these forces, represented by Mephistopheles. The master understood…

However, yesterday night I felt as the loneliest man on this planet, feeling and realizing what was going on, but having absolute no clue how to defend myself. Who could have believed me, and be with me and support me on that…? I am still very frail after last night, I haven´t yet recovered…

I WOULD NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE INITIATED IN THESE OCCULT MATTERS, someone “serious”, versed in magic, who sees and perceives the gravity of all I have depicted here.