What do we pay for really…?

Humans are the only species that has to pay to live on Earth.  But who are we paying?Honestly, I am calling into question the power structures that have been in existence for centuries because I find them to be absolutely ludicrous!

Why on EARTH (pun intended) should we, everyday humans, PAY to EXIST?!?

Very good point.
Indeed, most people never question this fact,
but do we need to pay in order to exist?…
Utterly speaking, what is the act of paying about…?
What does it entail, Who is paying who…and for what?
And again…- WHY?…

Is our breath expensive…?
What about our Being Alive…?

Water in the desert is surely expensive.
For the drowning man, water has no longer
such a high price…or does it?…
Or maybe we can both drown and pay.

I just find this so troubling, and yes you are right in asking these
questions which I have asked myself.

I will quote Raj Patel in saying:

“People know the cost of everything, but the VALUE of nothing.”

What do you think?

Again, how do we value our breath, or a sip of water when really thirsty?
How much does this moment cost…? Are these words of mine “expensive” or “cheap”?…
What price shall we put on this very dialogue?

How can people ever know the value of anything if they never allow themselves to really
live…and do anything which really counts?…

Value derives from motivation, and motivation is Being Alive.

Let´s celebrate this Alive-ness!






A new passion for Life


The challenges that we face today are huge. We need an incredible amount of energy to find solutions to our present rather disturbing predicament. These solutions can no longer be the reiteration of our common outgrown experience – stubbornly reinforcing the old societal models can bring us unimaginable calamity.

These solutions consequently, have to be the outgrowth of something totally new,
alive and encompassing – a “new force” which can awaken and enable us to see clearly the questions Life poses on us NOW.

We need this renewed Energy and vitality, to make the required changes for a further step, both individually and collectively. A New Breath, helping us deconstruct the old paradigm.

Only a new passion and enhanced comprehension will show us the way to A NEW LIFE, to a new sustainable way of living.

A great opportunity awaits us. Let´s embrace this Change !

Who stands in front of you?

Every single act of creation is addressed – consciously or not – to someone who has made a mark on us, someone who has touched us.

To live generally, to state that we give ourselves to all humanity is a vague abstraction. We give ourselves mainly to the ones who mean something to us. Love to a person, turns out to be the legacy of all humanity, as every single person is “humanity”.

To think and feel generally means to take no responsibility for yourself, for this very moment. Let´s stop being “general” and “global” and concentrate us on exceptions, on the very person that stands in front of us!

Abstractions don´t feed us. Abstraction is modern man´s curse.