Just a thought

To impossible riddles we have to find impossible solutions.

A great insight

There is sorrow in the world, we see it everywhere. We see sadness in our own lives too. But if we are wise, we should neither adhere nor walking away from sorrow.

This goes for everything: we should look unbiased at it all, the pleasant along with the unpleasant, see through, accept all fallacies of our limited knowledge, reconciling with the false, but in the meantime finding a different and wider unifying standpoint, which will naturally generate new applicable solutions.

Thinking spawns Absence of Emotion

People are so occupied with their thinking, so absorbed in their inner labyrinth, so THEY SEE NOTHING AROUND THEM.
If the answer to their wishes would lie in front of their nose, be it the solution to their problems, or the lover they so hardly look for, or I don´t know what, they would see nothing.


It is unbelievable to see how HUMANS HAVE BECOME THE SLAVES OF THEIR OWN THINKING, taking their drama for the only one and ultimate reality, becoming so closed and impenetrable, that nothing can reach them anymore.

How on earth has man become so self-absorbed, so dead and insensitive? So incredibly absent…?

Could it be that THINKING is the curse and main disease of “modern” times ?

If you go out wherever, you have the feeling the world has become depopulated. Absence and absence wherever you turn…Nobody is there cause everybody is immersed in thinking, in planning God knows what….

Life is no longer real life, but a question of thinking, and postponing.

There are plenty of activities around, noises, million ”things to do”, places to see, and yet, again – you have the distinct feeling that NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS.

Today´s society is a sum of boring, empty, spiritually anemic, utterly dead individuals interested in gadgets, expensive clothes and costly but superfluous items.

More often than not, the typical individual today is more a sum of  well-rehearsed attitudes, than a genuine entity.

This is the REAL CRISIS they all talk about today. The crisis is WE, the non entities we have become.

THE CRISIS IS OUR THINKING, OUR EMOTIONAL BANKRUPTCY, it is the absence of life within us.

Only a lived life creates value. Value means LIVING. But we have become great liars because we don´t live, we are great specialists in faking. Our lives are therefore hollow, as there is no value in lie and falsehood.

We are afraid of Life, as we take Absence for Life.

Why are many so stupid, corrupt and incompetent? Because they have no clue anymore as to what Presence and Living is about.

Only the vivid person taking responsibility for feeling and living, is real, intelligent, graceful and naturally wise.

Life sustains everything… – meaning that being alive is finding new solutions.

But WHERE THERE IS NO LIFE, THERE IS NO SUSTAINABILITY WHATSOEVER. Neither economically, politically, artistically or in whatever aspect of our human endeavour.

Life is Emotion, and the absence of emotion means misfortune.