Love needs no words

Many people are craving for company and love.
Similar to the girls I was surrounded by tonight.

It was quite bewildering to witness.
These women despite their striking beauty
were complaining about having a hard time
to attract a man.
You could feel their being sad about being mateless.

I told them that unless they take the trouble to know
unless they find out and investigate what they really like,
love to do, discovering their inner center and real vocation in life,
they will keep attracting even more loneliness
and relational disappointment. 

Steve Strother says:

You made a very good point to those women, and it is good that you spoke up rather than being silent. Maybe they were not ready to hear your message that night but one or more of them might remember what you said and begin to understand it later (maybe years or decades later). By posting this conversation you have also given others the opportunity to learn from your message.

I agree with your point but have never put it in those same words. I have known so many people who stumble from one relationship to another without taking the time in between relationships, or within relationships, to really get to know themselves. They lose track of who they are without a relationship and become attached to the relationship itself. When they are not in a relationship they feel somehow not whole.

Life is a constant learning and growing process. You have to try to understand and know yourself as you learn and grow. You have to love yourself. Without that you cannot really ever expect someone else to know or love you. I could go on and on about this. Thank you for your post. It has helped me. I have been struggling with a way to talk to my kid’s (both in middle school) about love and relationships and the points you make here have provided me with a starting point!


I am so glad – it means quite a lot to read that my words have inspired and helped you.

God knows if any of these women will get the message while they still have their youth and beauty.

The thing is that if we fail to dispassionately see “what is”, if we are not hungry for the Truth, “later” means only inane postponing. We usually don´t see the danger of living in constant isolation, escape and distance from ourselves. Yes, Time is only our readiness or refusal to understand, and as facing reality is pretty awkward, we are afraid to investigate ourselves Now.

So of course most humans flee, stumbling from one “relationship” to another, remaining
attached only to a lie – their fear of finding out WHO THEY ARE.

People “love” the other for what the other is not…Terrible but true…

Without knowing WHO WE ARE, we can never offer real love. Or expect to be loved.

Just remember that when WE LOVE, no words are needed – your insight of this will provide your kids or the people coming your way, with the gift of letting them tacitly know.


You might not know, but January comes from “ianua” which means door, entry or prelude in Latin.
So since thousands of years we still celebrate what the Romans considered “the beginning”.

Why are we still celebrating according to their Calender…?
Why obsessively and uncritically reiterate this legacy?

However, I do not know about you, but I have never had any fulfilling or memorable
New Years Eve.
Every year the same nuisance – I never manage to bring together people I like,- as
everybody has a different agenda, everybody is celebrating “elsewhere”
so you either end up with people who you have no real connection with,
or prefer to do nothing at all. None of it is satisfactory…

Since I started Mirrors of Encounters, I have “met” some very nice souls with whom
I share the same wave of vibration, and with these people I would have spent this
special(?) evening.

I feel like wishing you all A Happy New Year, but as I do not ascribe chronological Time
any sense or significance, I am in a bit of a dilemma – I cannot wish anyone something
I do not believe in.

To be perfectly honest I do not believe in anything but THIS MOMENT as

For the record, I am in Bucharest celebrating this evening with my girlfriend and
two very good-looking but lonely girlfriends of hers. Kind of weird,
I feel a bit spoiled. 🙂

That being said, I wish you all A HAPPY TIMELESS YEAR NOW!!

Let us forget linear thought and measure at least tonight!