Nothingness has become our religion.

Sometimes you have the distinct feeling that whatever you do, or don´t do, has no effect whatsoever.

Anything means nothing, nothing means nothing. Invariably, “Nothing” wins it all.

You can talk or shut up – it makes no difference. You can travel country after country,
it doesn´t mean a thing. You can read, think, reflect, write books, speak hundred languages,
you can say the plain truth or a preposterous lie – just the same…who cares…?

To live or die makes no difference, as the only known thing is dying before ever knowing what life is.

Nothing impresses. You can´t reach anyone, other than on a very superficial level.
How could you, when virtue is “keep due distance” to whatever is true and alive…?

Genuine relation is almost nonexistent today, because no one is in fact interested in anything really – other than some kind of verbal masturbation.

We can´t veritably assume anything:

Action? Too big of a challenge. Living for real…? Alas, too disturbing…

Yeah, we are powerful behind the screen.

Why do something when we can continue to indulge in idle “intelligent” on-line crap…?


Meaning is knowledge

Cornelius Agrippa says:

I think the question of what God is, is related to the question of who we are. That has to be
a practical question.
I think our lives are meaningless except to the extent that we give them meaning. That has to start on a
small-scale – in the moment-to-moment things we do and in each interaction with another human being and even to details like how we wash a cup or sweep a floor.


Life, real life, is Meaning felt each moment.

In that immediate “knowledge” every single detail makes sense – like seeping the floor or washing the coffee cup.

The same goes for human interaction. If there is reciprocal meaning, there will be communion too. Participation in Sense…

Unfortunately, the sum of people´s life – society today – feels devoid of meaning. And due to this absence of meaning in interpersonal connexion, – absence of both individual and collective relation to Self – we have this hollow age, which obviously cannot offer anything beyond its limited pragmatism.

Pragmatism without metaphysical connection leads inevitably to nihilism.

And there can never be any Sense in Naught…

Our art and music today

Nowadays, the most favorite artistic expression is frustration, accompanied by cynicism and aggression. The most preponderant in the palette of expressions is though vanity. In all aesthetic fields, Vanity is taken to its paroxysm, we witness really the Triumph of narcissistic and nihilistic madness.

Besides the afferent nihilism in art – as well as in music – we deal with the primordial feature of modernity, characterized by a blatant reductionist infantilism, on the one hand, and on the other – especially in music – with a monotonous violence, conceited and shameless, relentlessly perverted and ubiquitously offensive.
Our aesthetic is the mirror of our ugly and distorted feelings.

The equation is simple:

Diseased emotions, diseased people.

Because of this insidious pathology, we come to spoil and destroy everything, everything we touch we disfigure and break down, including our lives.


Mithenismos means nihilism in Greek. Mithen, that is,  zero. Nothing. That´s the disease of our time, deep down we think we are nothing. So what does a “zero-person”do? Punishes the others for his unworthiness. Look to Hitler who punished the whole world, for his not being accepted at the Art Academy. He wasn´t accepted as he couldn´t draw people. Interesting ha?… If you can´t draw them, you can at least kill them, as they already think they are nothing.