Perfect nonsensical sense

What is the difference between a sunset?…

That moment is Now

It comes a moment when, realizing that there is nothing to know, you just give it all up. You simply let go of any preconceived image.

Have you ever felt that this moment is ever gracefully new, history-less, “never-happened”?…Such a deep and wondrous relief to have directly known this. Reality beyond thought, beyond concept. The death of all belief…

Yes…Life is the history of no history. 

Knowing in un-knowing.

Nothing to remember…Nothing to worry about…Nothing to wait for…

Nothing to fear.

What is timelessness?

To live in timelessness means to have an empty mind.

To free the mind of its content, is a hell of a task. Paradoxically, once you try deliberately to undergo this process, you create even more time, more mind, more anxiety.

All ideas and thought-connections exist within the range of time. Time cannot recognize timelessness other than a mere concept.
Time is memory and memory is pain. If you want to empty your mind, you have to break free from the fetters of psychological time.

Thus, Timelessness is a state of no connection, no thought, no will, no purpose. It is the “in-between”, divine suspension.

It is Watchfulness with no object to relate to.

Timelessness is Freedom. The bliss of comprehending the incomprehensible.