The curse of the fragment

The classical musician talks like a classical musician. The jazz player like a jazz player. The writer like a writer. The whore like a whore. Politician like a politician. Priest like priest. No one dares cross over…Everybody stuck in his fragment. In the narrow space of one´s god damn “speciality”…

What is timelessness?

To live in timelessness means to have an empty mind.

To free the mind of its content, is a hell of a task. Paradoxically, once you try deliberately to undergo this process, you create even more time, more mind, more anxiety.

All ideas and thought-connections exist within the range of time. Time cannot recognize timelessness other than a mere concept.
Time is memory and memory is pain. If you want to empty your mind, you have to break free from the fetters of psychological time.

Thus, Timelessness is a state of no connection, no thought, no will, no purpose. It is the “in-between”, divine suspension.

It is Watchfulness with no object to relate to.

Timelessness is Freedom. The bliss of comprehending the incomprehensible.