You are what you want to become

There is nothing to fulfill
Nothing to reach
No destination to arrive to
Everything is your creation
in order to escape
Who You Already Are
Invalidate it all
And so
You validate YourSelf

The absent you in me

Absence, absence, this horrid absence
in all shapes and tastes.

Big, sour or small, luxurious,
stern, lascivious, poor or tall

Empty eyes,
ceaseless landscapes without face
unmet posts
pile of photos after photos
words and afternoons deserted
written or unwritten joys or woes

All the same…

Absence is the relentless destination.

The ubiquitous sickness

The eater of it all


Everywhere I go

I meet the absent you in me.


Take a break from your ego and Breath In

Aspire to not aspire!

Inspire, for a change 🙂

You read but…

…you don´t hear, you don´t heed.