Man escaping his inherent happiness

We invent a thoroughly mad and evil world just in order to convince ourselves that we don’t deserve to be happy.

After years and years of observation, I find that the most startling paradox about Man is that more than anything else, HE IS AFRAID OF BEING HAPPY.

Of course, this makes an outrageous “truth”, as most people would never willingly admit this…

So, fearing happiness, man is prone to subsequently believe that he deserves to suffer, to punish and in turn, to be punished. This outlandish misconception – maintained throughout the ages by the church, and later by the state – is the very basis from which this civilization has arisen.

The state, and for that matter, all authority, would simply crumble if people knew that happiness is the core of their being, and not the outcome of effort, strain or ambition…

Freedom from knowledge

Awakening is getting out of any predetermined pattern,
not through effort, but through immediate
spontaneous realization.

Lay back

If you want to conceive something clearly, you must not make an effort.

Twisted jerk mentality

If something works seamlessly and gracefully
there´s got to be something wrong.

“It´s too easy.
No resistance, no effort, no struggle…
For sure it´s not worth having…”
they think!


You have turned this beautiful world into a nightmare,
moulded after your unbearable mediocrity and
masochistic dreams.

Yes, this is it.

The Thing I for so long yearned for, was actually happening under my very eyes. The feeling was  indescribable, as the Joy was twofold:

I was perceiving the actual fulfillment, but more important, in the same breath, I WAS REALIZING WHAT WAS KEEPING AWAY MY DREAMS TO COME TRUE:

Yes, in that moment All Ideals were dead. In order for my dream to come true, the Ideal must go.

I WAS WHAT I WAS, WITH NO INTERVAL BETWEEN ME AND MY DREAMS. I understood that I am always my dream – Now!!

Does it sound like oversimplifying?

I take it again with few more words:

Ideal is the interval between what is now, and “the-wished-for” reality. Ideal presupposes time, effort, conditioning, strife and un-freedom. It is always THE IDEAL which raises walls between You and the Actual fulfillment of (your) life and love.

The ones prepared to hear, will hear.