The Supreme Freedom

…which is beyond content… thought… and aspiration.

Nothing to possess. Nothing to dwell on. Nothing to know.

Perfect non-action, which is, total action.

Oftentimes I look at humans as if they were walking trees

joegergen :
I struggle with the desire to be patient and yet not be used/abused. It’s thin line sometimes.

I went to a beautiful garden yesterday. I looked in awe to those sumptuous trees and all those lovely flowers.

I saw no struggle there. I saw no patience or impatience. No rush. No fear to be used or abused.

Life in its silent and mysterious splendour.

The same life which lives in you and me…

The withering of memory

I had been at the same cafe the day before at the same hour.

– A coffee with hot milk please
– Like yesterday? she asked me, remembering exactly what I had taken.
– No, not like yesterday, LIKE NOW…

Where there is no remembrance, there is no comparison.
In no comparison, there is no center, that is, no Fear.

Where there is no fear, there is no becoming.

And in no becoming all goals crumble.

The withering of the past, is the withering of all goals and destinations – Now:

Pure Freedom. Pure Transcendence.

Who You truly Are.

If you didn ‘t exist, would there be any future?…

A new way of existing

This is Thomas Ross´ amazing comment to one of my posts about depression:

“You express a central, powerful, and daunting wisdom.

To step out of the duality, the ego, to let go the sense of time, the past, the future, to lose the sense of destination, to give up hope, which after all is rooted in a yearning and looking ahead that sends us back to the duality and grasping that doomed us to start – if we live in this way, no depression, no anger, no regret, no fear.

But “daunting” because what is so simple demands such strength. Like stepping off a cliff, trusting yourself to that degree.

This is not so much a “cure” for depression as it is a way of existing in which the very idea of “depression” can have no place.”

No “yes” and no “no”

Fear of life means constant resistance. When you resist, you choose. When choosing, you demean yourself, creating nothing but conflict and disharmony for you and around you.

You choose when there is a matter of yes and no. Fear is this very interval between “yes” and “no”; But ultimately there is no “yes” and no “no”- think about that… :

No interval, no fear…

Life is just an eternal Yes …In this insight Fear can no longer abide. In this “non-abiding”, there is no resistance, thus, no “choosing”.

You just know… acting joyously and powerfully.

Today´s quote

“Deep faith eliminates fear”

Lech Walesa