A blessed encounter

Fate arranged that I met some Gypsy people tonight. The winsome honesty with which they were talking, the craziness, the generosity, the wisdom, playfulness, deep humanity, all in all, all facets of the human drama were charmingly embraced and exultingly talked about. There was no trace of false modesty, hypocrisy or emotional restraint. No taboos. Nothing to hold back or be ashamed of. How we laughed…Everything humane was covered and taken into account.
I have never in my life before conversed this freely, seamlessly and without any sense of guilt or tímorousness…in such deep and natural insight.
Staggering what nearness can be shared and conveyed when it´s right…

I understand even more now why I named this blog Mirrors of Encounters…

A Lingering Encounter

It came out of the blue.

I managed to “capture” this otherworldly scent in few words:

Your invisible nearness – the story of a lingering fragrance.

Nothing worth mentioning happened outside myself, this so soothing Presence was rather triggered by an immediate insight of sorts…but what a poignant feeling of ease and reassurance…

It was quite extraordinary:

There was no yearning anymore. No guilt. No bad conscience. No sense of shortcoming. A blessed feeling that “I” didn´t need to “do” anything specific, since everything was formerly done. Instead of “doing” I felt I was being “done”…Perfect poise…- there was no distinction between me and Living…

So difficult to put this in words. It was an ineffable peace which somehow had no “content”…

Coincidence or not, I bump into Michael Marsh´s article. His words are truly appropriate:

“..you will see the invisible, hear the unspoken, smell the odorless, taste the uneaten, and touch the intangible. Those are the sights, the sounds, the fragrance, the taste, a life in which heaven and earth are joined and humanity and divinity touch.”

“I feel as if I have dropped into my own life and it fits”.

So do I…

It is only You

Meister Eckart once said that one should live as if only You and God exist.

This Truth is so huge and encompassing, I´ve been pondering on this for the last 30 years.

What means that only you exist? It means that only Self exists.

And Self is You.

Once you get this, you see that You – your thoughts and feelings – are your greatest responsibility.

YOUR PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING. Your perception “colours” the whole world.

There is no one to blame as You are the only thing existing.

IF YOU SEE THIS WORLD AS AN UNHAPPY PLACE, IT MEANS YOU ARE UNHAPPY and your unhappiness will render the “objective world” even more miserable.


If you understand that you are Self, and take responsibility for your being happy, throwing away Illusion – which, must be said, it´s a hell of an undertaking – you will be The Light of this world.

So be it…