A prayer for today

Release me from all Knowledge

Release me from the misconception of Justice or Injustice

Take away

All Judgement

The burden of Every Thought

The burden of Distinction

Save me from All Fear

Let the Endless Space shine upon me


For the ones who understand

Happiness is loose pointedness.

No limit

Both the one who “knows” and the one who “not knows” are ignorant, as they impose a limit to themselves.

Nobody will tell you this – read and forget

Don´t believe in anything other than the joy you feel!

Joy doesn´t adhere to any system, dogma, or “prefabricated” thought!

Joy is this imponderable now, this uncreated moment…

Everything created no matter if it´s 4000 thousands years old or 1 hour old, frustrates your freedom.

FREEDOM HAS NO OBJECT, it cannot be caught in whatever pattern, it is indescribable.

Joy, like freedom, is the bliss of un-knowing…unknowing is real Knowledge.

Forget everything you´ve just read here 🙂