Nothing genuine is produced when there is no aliveness

I entered the piazza cafe, ordered a tea and took a sit outside. I was rather drained of all the flat and tedious people running voraciously in the shopping malls around.

The doves were flapping around in circles, filling the square with the noise of their rushing wings. So alleviating…My soul-weariness vanished instantly attending this grand and priceless performance.

No one paid attention to those birds but me.

No, you cannot set a price on the natural vividness of life. And where aliveness
as such is not recognized and heeded, NOTHING real is produced...

Before leaving the cafe, I went to the toilet. The door was locked. There was a notice:

It was free for the guests – you had to ask the staff to open -, otherwise it costed 15
Swedish kr – approximately 2 bucks.

Can you imagine this…?

Two fucking dollars to use the loo…Pure insanity…really.

The thing is that when nothing sensible is produced – because to produce something entails to be alive – the most of our basic needs become a source of income, something to capitalize on.

The bastards who govern this present society, would not shy away from inventing any diabolic method to make money on anything.

I wouldn´t be surprised if one day these jerks would decide to spread poison in the atmosphere, so that they can start selling fresh air.

We deserve them.
We have created them with our unwillingness to heed and honor life…