Do we give ourselves enough attention?

What about Allan Watts? I love the fella he has that lightness of humour that only the English can bring to the dark side. But what about you?…Me?… Do we give ourselves enough attention? We don’t, do we? We are too preoccupied with the exigencies of daily existence. How often I have to keep calling Michael back home. It can be so disheartening.

Anyway, why do we look to others? The best they can offer is a mirror to reflect back our self.

Alan Watts…He was really brilliant, so much brilliant that at times he outwitted himself. That´s why I don´t think he fully realized and integrated in himself what he taught. He drank himself to death – it appears. His all too early death at 58, was however a form of suicide.

He stumbled along the way…he couldn´t “untangle” himself and find a way out of the labyrinth…

WHAT ABOUT ME…? Do I give myself enough attention?

Fact is, I have been compelled lately to give myself the appropriate amount of attention as I was in a free fall in the precipice. I simply had no other choice.

To use your way of putting it, I had to keep calling Julien back home. To call him forth from the disheartening realms he for so long abided.

Redeeming oneself – that is, coming out of the maze -, seems to be a task very few individuals – if any – have been able to accomplish…