Man’s greatest fear

Life moving according to no preconceived pattern…


Nothing is more daunting than this history-less and imponderable Instant…


The end of no beginning

Life is unfathomable Essence.

It is unfathomable since it baffles all attributes,
all categories, all our attempts to subsume it. 

Life exists and simultaneously, doesn´t exist.

It is beyond name, it lends itself to no interpretation,
it shuns all predetermined patterns, it´s everywhere
and nowhere…

Life is the end of no beginning.

Nothing to hold to.

Nothing to aspire to.

Nothing to argue about.

Recognition without recognizing.

The Essence of no essence…


Joy doesn´t adhere to any system, dogma, or “prefabricated” thought!

Joy is this imponderable now, this uncreated moment…

Everything created no matter if it´s 4000 thousands years old or 1 hour old, frustrates your freedom.

FREEDOM HAS NO OBJECT, it cannot be caught in whatever pattern, it is indescribable.

Joy, like freedom, is the bliss of un-knowing…unknowing is real Knowledge.

Can we just take a break from everything we know?…