Beauty or the illusion of beauty?…

To feel good inside is to bolster one’s self in every way, including strength of mind, and strength of feeling. This, this is the reason why Beauty should be maintained for as long as possible.

Know that whatever you try to maintain is the Illusion of beauty and not Beauty

When we work to maintain inner quiet… is that not Beauty?
When we work to maintain a living, growing garden, full of our own produce,
is that not Beauty?
Beauty that gives a sense of pride and achievement as we look upon it… and thus
reflects Beauty back to our inner selves for taking the time and making the effort to maintain such as these things?

To work in order to establish inner quietness is again – illusion. A mere projection. Ego.

Beauty doesn´t need to be “produced” – it produces us, if we are humble.

Beauty exists thus without our involvement, but if you love your garden you will efortlessly and lovingly take care of it – which is a totally different thing.

Beauty is the total antinomy of pride and achievement. It has nothing to do with it…