You only do it once

The more you try…

The less you get.

The river is never the same

There is no such thing as “repetition” other than in our biased mind.

Live exceptionally

“Exceptionally” comes of course from the word exception. If you want to be able to decipher the “hidden” messages of life, you have to learn to think and feel exceptionally.

Exceptions never follow a main stream order, obviously it´s a thing not following the rule.

It means that exceptions can be neither perceived nor assumed by the normal logical mind, as logic is linear repetition of the known.

Mind, like every system, is a mechanic entity, usually a non vivid entity as it is a conglomerate of repetitions and habits. What would happen if we all got rid of the habit of logic and linearity and embrace life as a wondrous sequence of exceptions? The implications are huge.

Imagine the incredible amount of energy and unknown potential to be released in such a healthy approach.

TO LIVE EXCEPTIONALLY IS TO ACCESS YOUR WHOLE POTENTIAL, BEING WATCHFUL HERE AND NOW. It means to let go of all inertia of habit, of preconceived knowledge and start looking at everything with the eyes of a kid.

This is the key to a new life, to a new perception: to question and let go of the known patterns of thinking. You can continue doing everything you´ve always done, but with a new approach, with a new frame of mind.

Logic has its way of predetermined conditioning. Exceptions make themselves known through “random events”, that is, they follow an undetermined “pattern” of secret sequences.

Again, if you have the readiness to let go of the known, beginning to fathom this unaccountable sequences of exceptional incidents, than you are in vivid touch with Life.

Life manifests itself through exception – every moment is an exception, a new chance of renewal. Yes, you can predict the unpredictable, if you start living exceptionally.