The ultimate egoic fear – renunciation

To renounce and give up “everything” is about understanding that eventually there is no time, no becoming, nothing to get outwardly which is not inherently within, consequently, there is nothing one can get from “others”.

Being knows no delay

If you didn ‘t exist, would there be any future?…

Every moment is a drama

A guy I know once said: “Every single moment from the time you are born till the very moment you die is a drama. GOD DAMN IT, EVERY MOMENT IS A DRAMA.”

I must cofess that when he uttered those words, I was kind of shocked. I felt instinctively that he expressed a great truth, something that I was not really prepared to admit. I have pondered on his words ever since.

Every second is indeed a problem. All our problems can be reduced to a single
problem: WE. Yes, we… – you and me as egos. As loose and separate egos.

Ego… it´s very intrinsic nature is problematic …

There is a collective Ego, meaning that other people’s problems are indeed your and my
problems as well.

If others had no issues we wouldn´t have any either…Accordingly, if you and me had no issues, other people would be free. There is no doubt about this as I experience this more and more. So the question is:

Is there a problem beyond me?… Can I completely and unreservedly stay with this truth, see and realize this very moment that I am the problem, that Ego – in me or in others – is the problem?

As I said, the innermost nature of Ego is conflict. Consider this: Ego is a chain of conflicts, ego is that very interval between a conflict and another. Can you see this? That interval between two conflicts is Thought. Thought creates Time, and Time is in its turn, the outgrowth of that very inner conflict. You all know that: Time is suffering. Time is our attempt to escape the Problem, our ongoing Drama…now.

This is maybe hard to comprehend: The second between two thoughts, – NOW – is Reality beyond Drama – immeasurable happiness. Don´t try to grasp this mentally just observe:
When there is no thought, no time – that is, the interval between a conflict and another – surely, when there is no entity trying to solve the problem – Life –  in this realization is the end of Ego, the end of drama and all problems.

Yes, this is it.

The Thing I for so long yearned for, was actually happening under my very eyes. The feeling was  indescribable, as the Joy was twofold:

I was perceiving the actual fulfillment, but more important, in the same breath, I WAS REALIZING WHAT WAS KEEPING AWAY MY DREAMS TO COME TRUE:

Yes, in that moment All Ideals were dead. In order for my dream to come true, the Ideal must go.

I WAS WHAT I WAS, WITH NO INTERVAL BETWEEN ME AND MY DREAMS. I understood that I am always my dream – Now!!

Does it sound like oversimplifying?

I take it again with few more words:

Ideal is the interval between what is now, and “the-wished-for” reality. Ideal presupposes time, effort, conditioning, strife and un-freedom. It is always THE IDEAL which raises walls between You and the Actual fulfillment of (your) life and love.

The ones prepared to hear, will hear.