The secret of non-action

Doing nothing is another type of subtle doing in terms of egoic rumination.

Fact is that in their eternal obsession for Doing, humans fall short to fathom what non-action is about. And alas…

Unless you have discovered the secret of “not doing”, nothing great will ever be achieved.

If I am to choose between a truth and a paradox, I choose the paradox

We are firm believers that only action is the key.

This conviction often shows to be nothing but self-infatuation.

Excruciating insight:

Time and again, you come to the point when “doing” or “non doing”
has no relevance.

“Do something about it” can be the most inept and
distorted answer you can come up with.

But know:

There are moments when “not doing” can be your doom.

Non-action is not the antithesis of action

I find the dilligence of a fool tremendously frightening.

If you don´t thoroughly comprehend what “doing nothing”
entails, you will never do anything of consequence.

Why are we afraid of doing nothing?

She said:
“I think it’s very hard for us in the West to be able to speak about non action, because our cultural background instills a kind of guilt about ‘doing nothing’ “…

Undoubtedly, it is so.

But why is that?… Has our guilt to do eventually with “doing nothing”?


Has it maybe to do with the fact that we are so much immersed in “doing”, so The Actual Guilt is an uneasy reminder, that invariably, since time immemorial we don´t really live, and accordingly, we ultimately miss something of great consequence despite our clever
and pragmatic life-style?…

Isn´t Doing some kind of compensation for fleeing who we are…- escaping the
Wonder of Life?