Absence and non sense

There is “so much” of everything around, and yet oftentimes I have the distinct feeling that there is nothing worthwhile in all this maddening tumult.

All this babel, all the frenzied struggle around, all this and that of the world seem to be nothing but a nonsensical absence, some kind of golden nothingness. Absence, non sense, and variations of both.

“I am so busy doing nothing”, that´s what you see around. Great “achievements” being nothing but further failures. Strife with no real result. Appalling, ubiquitous narcissism everywhere. Tell them your honest opinion, and – in best cases – you will be taken for a fool, or for a man-hating imbecile.

This collective idleness is the everyday sight. I feel awkward saying that, but despite
all this incredible turmoil – people are born, go to school, hate, suffer, love, marry, work, get entertained… despite all books written, trips made, battles lost or won – , nothing of consequence happens. Intrinsically, there is something totally wrong with this society.

DAMN IT, IT IS ALL EMPTY. Empty…infinitely empty…Am I the only one to see this…?

It all feels like a gigantic mad house. Try to tell a madcap about his being mad, and see his reaction…!
If we don´t see and accept this factual state, it means that we are all mentally disturbed. I don´t know what miracle is going to save us from this collective sloth and self-deceit…

We have what we deserve, at the end of the day – nothing more or less.

Even my writing now feels superfluous…It feels that I have sourced all my inner arsenal. I run out of words…

I only have one question left for today:

What is the reason that has generated all this hideous general Absence…?What…?