Beyond search and find

Searching for something entails duality:

It´s about “it is not” looking for “it is”.

But the “it is” you thirst for has no opposition,
meaning that “it” cannot be looked for.

For the record “it” cannot be “found” either.

How can you lose or find something which always is there?

A leap of faith

His comment:
“The “leap of faith” you referred to resembles gambling because you are not 100% in on the outcome. Until you actually get the outcome. That’s probably why you couldn’t provide proof for me.”

My answer:
We are reluctant to investigate for ourselves, aren´t we…?
Cause if we unfold the path to self-discovery, we are never certain of the outcome.
We might win or lose…

Yet everyone wants to win, isn´t it so…? Who wants to lose…? We always want to play safe, don´t we…? – as we always want to have some gain, otherwise we don´t take the risk.

The very risk is to “invest” without having any guarantee as to the outcome.
That´s what Faith is about:

To learn to lose.

To lose it all…to empty yourself of any wish to follow anything or anyone – to learn to live with “no proof”, to discover for yourself, by making a leap in the Unknown, without any security as to the “outcome”.

To have faith, not clinging to faith…That means to inquire what Loneliness in its supreme aspect is about…

Very few – if any – dare…

But if you do, you will find that there is no other but You. Ultimately, only You and Life exist.

As there is nothing or no one to follow, you stop searching, thus you trust and empower yourSelf, you give yourself wholly to yourself. And this “giving yourself back to you” is the highest form of love. This act is also the highest responsibility to yourself.

I take it again:

Love is each and everyone´s responsibility to explore Loneliness, and in this utmost lonleliness to give yourself back to you.

There is nowhere to look. Nothing to find. No one to blame.