Heed This Very Instant

…cause it´s everything you´ve got…

Baffling simultaneity

Life resides in the NOW…

So does the so-called past, and likewise, the so-called future.

No matter how outlandish it may sound, having this insight,
you can change and heal your past, and doing that, your future
is free…

I am not afriad to fucking lose it all

Every single moment can be the perfect one to die or live…

Love is not a promise

Whoever loves you for real, will show it to you right now.

Be now what you want to “become”

Future is but a mirror of Now.

How can we ever become something other than what we are just now?…

Life is this moment

If I say “Life is now”, you will most admittedly think that you know what I mean.

Obviously, this truth has been said million times. The question is:


It is very tricky: we mostly THINK we know, we take our thoughts for knowledge, but TRUE KNOWLEDGE – which is Life-knowledge – can never be reached by thought.

This is a platitude what I am saying, but Life is not a thought, as little as a Tree or a Cat is a name. Thought is memory and OUR MEMORY DISTORTS REALITY – we get stuck in names, in definitions, our ideas are the product of our past.  Consequently, it is these ideas of ours which condition and corrupt our reality. This corrupted reality we call Knowledge.

Knowledge means living in the past, and living in the past is not living at all.

Our knowledge is based on memory and experience and kills this present moment. We kill ourselves through depriving ourselves systematically of precious beautiful magic moments cause they pass unobserved, we don’t recognize them…

If you show people something unexpected, they instantly become frightened and insecure and right away begin to label that thing in good or bad. I tell you:


To make it short: all this thinking, labeling, defining, naming, makes us insensitive, absent, unhappy. Dead…

You can understand now that the main problem of our age is our totally outdated ideology based on absence and fear of life. This is disease, this is unhappiness, this is death.

So when I say “life is Now” it means that if you are a fraction of a second right “before” or “after” this sparkling ineffable moment, you don’t know what I am talking about. It is like catching a ball – one second too early or too late and you don’t quite make it.

There are no real margins in life:

You either catch the moment and you’re a winner, or you miss it and you become a failure.