Alert and Choiceless Attention Now is the highest form of spirituality

“Later” doesn´t exist

Unless you see it now, you never will.

The most dangerous risk of all

The risk of spending your life not doing what you want,
on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.

We are the story of our deluded Mind

I wrote earlier today:

“Here and now” is too scary…- “there and then” is our constant choice.

We eagerly and diligently kill the moment, before it has a chance of being born”

Magnus´commented on Facebook:

“There is no “now”!
Everything is either then or after-wards.
When our minds have interpreted all impressions the present moment
has already passed.”

This is highly enlightening. Startling really. He puts forward the outlook
shared by many:

Now is nonexistent. Everything – Life! –  is “then” or “after”.

“After what…really?”, I asked him.

Quite extraordinary to realize the way of the Mind.

Can you see that Mind is the outcome of an arbitrary division?
It´s stuck between a fix point calling it “then”, 
and a potential “after”.
Both “then” and “afterwards” are pure abstractions, – quite obvious.
Of course, Magnus´
“then”, is in all likelihood very real in his experience,
but for whoever else, his projection of “then” is pure imagination.

Mind projects itself into an eternal “after” trying eventually to find safety,
through isolating itself in its invented duality.

“Now” is the Mind´s greatest threat in its immutable quest for security.
With other words, Now, – meaning pure and simple Life, as Life is always this
present moment – is the ultimate danger for the obsessively restless and
safety-seeking mind.

You can see clearly that “afterwards” is a preposterously loony abstraction,
as much as “then” is. Mind goes obviously from abstraction to another abstraction,
from false interpretation to another, struggling hard for its existence.
Abstraction breeding abstraction, breeding further abstractions in infinite distractions…
A delusional entity seeking to perpetuate a fix point – that´s what Mind is:


Now, as I approach this ubiquitous scenario in this way, you do agree with me that this
looks like a 
crazy masquerade. Yet, this “story told by an imbecile” is what Humanity takes for real life!…

Quite amazing isn´t it?

To summarize:
Mind is an abstraction deriving directly from Fear of Now – Life…

Time is thus the invention of the Fearful Mind fleeing itself in two arbitrary divisions:

Past and Future.

None of them is real. Likewise the entity who invented them – Mind.

The only time existing is NOW.

This Now beyond division is Who You Are.

Instead of fully living the moment, we turn it into memory as we go

For what’s the use of holding on to our memories if we can’t make new ones?

Why should we make new memories?…

Why?… This is how we go on in life: by living it; creating new memories as we go.

You see…there is the heart of the matter: creating new memories as we go,
do we really live life?…- or we are constantly experiencing a mere projection
of what we think it´s life and living…?


Let´s ponder:

For most of us, NOW doesn´t really exist…- as this very moment is mostly the outcome of other memories – successes, failures, deceit and traumas, unfulfilled hopes, etc; and that being so, we invariably add the memories of this un-lived moment on top of those earlier memories, becoming more and more petrified, insensitive and invulnerable to whatever is new and imponderable – Life…

Indeed, we end up fighting against Life, this present moment becoming an irreversible threat. Hence we constantly empower and reinforce our very conditioning – which perpetuates itself through – what other, than?… – memory.

If we objectively and dispassionately understand this insidious mechanism, we start considering the very nature of our Conditioning.

Seriously following this pursuit with an unbiased mind, you will find that memory derives directly from Fear – which is, searching for inner and outer security, protection of the false identity; after all, memory is the main element which isolates us from “the other”…

Again, memory prevents us from plenary living this moment, from being open to Life, now….

Once we earnestly explore the nature of Memory as the core of our conditioning, we have the chance of being free and alive…

What if…the ultimate Destination is this moment?

Too vehement?…

Living in “the Future” is to be dead now.

Stop fooling yourself

You often think you understand, but usually you just fool yourself.
Words bring no benefit.

If you really and fully understood, you would this very instant feel the healing change.

Can you see this?

Now is not the derivative of  “the past”.

Both past and future are the derivative of Now.

Veritably so…

To impossible questions we have to find impossible solutions.