Man’s greatest fear

Life moving according to no preconceived pattern…


Nothing is more daunting than this history-less and imponderable Instant…

There is no out there, out there

“The visual world, what we see, is an illusion, but then a very sophisticated one. There are no colours, no tones, no constancy in the “real” world, it is all something we make up. We do so for good reasons and with great survival value. Because colors, tones and constancy are expressions of how we correlate with the world.”

“What we percieve as being outside of us is indeed a fancy and elegant projection of what we have inside. We do make this projection as as result of interacting with something not inside, but everything we experience is inside.”

“What really changes is they way we see things, the way we experience everything. For anything to change out there you have to change everything in here. That is the epistemological situation. All spiritual traditions have been talking about it. But now it grows from the epistemology of quantum physics to neurobiology.”

“There is no out there out there. It is in here. There is no in here in here. It is out there. The outside is in here. Who is there?

That laughter will change everything.”

 – Tor Nörretranders

Just look around

Isn´t it amazing…?

They are such in a hurry to come nowhere…

A thought

Does Freedom have any point of reference?

Life has no particular address

Life is neither “here” nor “there”…

Life is nowhere, and everywhere… – in that ineffable HERE that knows no “there”…