What is numerology?

As to me, numerology seems to be nothing but bullshit. It makes only sense within man’s thoughts. It’s only a projection of something we’d like to be reasonable. At least, it doesn’t do any harm …… so whoever feels an urge trying to find some reality in numerology should just do it.

“What I don´t see, doesn´t exist!” That´s what you basically say.

Whatever is not “common knowledge” and surpasses our ability to comprehend, is at first treated as fabrication or “bullshit”- to use a more blunt language. Of course, there is the easy way.

The more difficult way is to question what we know – and above all – WHAT WE DON´T
KNOW leaving open any possibility of diverse consideration.

I am not specifically versed in mathematics, in fact, not at all. I will just make a simple analogy.

If one had shown a logarithm for someone in the 16th century, this very idea would have appeared as sheer, even evil nonsense. Even your life could have been at stake if you showed it for the “inappropriate” person.

“Logarithms are commonplace in scientific formulae. They describe musical intervals, and appear in formulae counting prime numbers.

The binary logarithm uses base b = 2 and is prominent in computer science!!”

Without this binary logarithm I couldn´t write these words to you now, as computers and internet wouldn´t  exist. Furthermore:

“Numerology is any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relationship between a number and some coinciding observed (or perceived) events. It has many systems and traditions and beliefs.

Numerology and numerological divination were popular among early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, but are no longer considered part of mathematics and are regarded as pseudomathematics or pseudoscience  by modern scientists.”

These are my consequential questions to you:

What if our modern scientists show to be in due time pseudoscientists, and what we call
pseudomathematics or pseudoscience is, in fact, REAL SCIENCE?

What do we really know about secret vibrations, about unknown sequences of numbers on which our very being – maybe even destiny? – derives from?

What is Matter if not a sequence of weird and ultimately unexplainable vibration-sequences that maybe can be caught in yet ineffable numbers…?

What if, we are no more than a pile of secret numbers organised in unfathomable ways…?

May be, we ought to ask Pythagoras “the pseudomathematician” who is one of the founder
of our western civilization.


Total views


Amazing number…!

Anyone who can enlighten me about
its numerological significance?

For the record, this is my 1,666th post.
The sum of this is 20. Meaning 2… again.


Deuces everywhere…Hm…
I was born the 22:nd too…

You and me – each other´s mirror

In this second there is a quite an amazing symmetry: 19091.

I am not really versed in numerology, but I sense this is really powerful – it is the number of the total views
on Mirrors of Encounters till this moment.

It is ten on both sides – 1+9 and 9+1 with 0 in between. Ten is actually one, as zero doesn´t exist.
So the actual number would be it 101. That means: One mirroring “love” mirroring One.
One is “two”, but in fact being undividedly One…

You and me in perfect balance…Only zero is between us. This is really wonderful:


Five times ONE

Just got back home in Stockholm after having been away for a month in Romania and then Rome, Italy. I hope I will have the energy and inspiration to be able to write about the incredible things I´ve been through this month.

I just write this post though as I can´t conceal my astonishment:

Just checked my dashboard and saw that Mirrors of Encounters has had exactly 11, 111 visitors  – I don´t know what that means, but powerful it is…five times ONE…!!

Anyone of you knowing what numerological significance this amazing number has?